19: Pointing, Selecting, and Direct Manipulation in Java

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19: Pointing, Selecting, and Direct Manipulation
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mouse-down coordinate 6 px uncommitted zone, interpret as selection
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Figure 19-8 Any object that can be both selected and dragged must be debounced. When the user clicks on the object, the action must be interpreted as a selection rather than a drag, even if the user accidentally moves the mouse a pixel or two between the click and the release. The program must ignore any mouse movement as long as it stays within the uncommitted zone, which extends three pixels in each direction. After the cursor moves more than three pixels away from the mouse-down coordinate, the action changes to a drag, and the object is considered in play. This is called a drag threshold.
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DESIGN principle
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Debounce all drags.
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Some applications may require more complex drag thresholds. Three-dimensional applications often require drag thresholds that enable movement in three projected axes on the screen. Another such example arose in the design of a report generator for one of our clients. A user could reposition columns on the report by dragging them horizontally; for example, he could put the First Name column to the left of the Last Name column by dragging it into position from anywhere in the column. This was, by far, the most frequently used drag-and-drop idiom. There was, however, another, infrequently used, drag operation. This one allowed the values in one column to be interspersed vertically with the values of another column for example, an address field and a state field (see Figure 19-9). We wanted to follow the persona s mental model and enable him to drag the values of one column on top of the values of another to perform this stacking operation, but this conflicted with the simple horizontal reordering of columns. We solved the problem by differentiating between horizontal drags and vertical drags. If a user dragged the column left or right, it meant that he was repositioning the column as a unit. If the user dragged the column up or down, it meant that he was interspersing the values of one column with the values of another.
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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Name 1 Ginger Beef 2 C. U. Lator 3 Justin Case 4 Creighton Barrel 5 Dewey Decimal
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Address/City 342 Easton Lane Waltham 339 Disk Drive Borham 68 Elm Albion 9348 N. Blenheim Five Island 1003 Water St. Freeport
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Figure 19-9 This report-generator program offered an interesting feature that enabled the contents of one column to be interspersed with the contents of another by dragging and dropping it. This direct-manipulation action conflicted with the more frequent drag-and-drop action of reordering the columns (like moving City to the left of Address). We used a special, two-axis drag threshold to accomplish this.
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Because the horizontal drag was the predominant user action, and vertical drags were rare, we biased the drag threshold towards the horizontal axis. Instead of a square uncommitted zone, we created the spool-shaped zone shown in Figure 19-10. By setting the horizontal-motion threshold at four pixels, it didn t take a big movement to commit users to the normal horizontal move, while still insulating users from an inadvertent vertical move. To commit to the far less frequent vertical move, the user had to move the cursor eight pixels on the vertical axis without deviating more than four pixels left or right. The motion is quite natural and easily learned. This axially nonsymmetric threshold can be used in other ways, too. Visio implements a similar idiom to differentiate between drawing a straight and a curved line.
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Fine scrolling
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The weakness of the mouse as a precision pointing tool is readily apparent, particularly when dragging objects around in drawing programs. It is darned hard to drag something to the exact desired spot, especially when the screen resolution is 72 pixels per inch and the mouse is running at a six-to-one ratio to the screen. To move the cursor one pixel, you must move the mouse about 1/500th of an inch. Not easy to do.
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