Insertion targets in Java

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Insertion targets
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In some applications, the source object can be dropped in the spaces between other objects. Dragging text in Word is such an operation, as are most reordering operations in lists or arrays. In these cases, a special type of visual hinting is drawn on the background behind the GUI objects of the program or in its contiguous data: an insertion target. Rearranging slides in PowerPoint s slide-sorter view is a good example of this type of drag-and-drop. A user can pick up a slide and drag it into a different place in the presentation. As our user drags, the insertion target (a vertical black bar that looks like a big text edit caret) appears between slides. Word, too, shows an insertion target when you drag text. Not only is the loaded cursor apparent, but you also see a vertical gray bar showing the precise location, in between characters, where the dropped text will land. Whenever something can be dragged and dropped on the space between other objects, the program must show an insertion target. Like a drop candidate in sourcetarget drag-and-drop, the program must visually indicate where the dragged object can be dropped.
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Visual feedback at completion
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If the source object is dropped on a valid drop candidate, the appropriate operation then takes place. A vital step at this point is visual feedback that the operation has occurred. For example, if you re dragging a file from one directory to another, the
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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source object must disappear from its source and reappear in the target. If the target represents a function rather than a container (such as a print icon), the icon must visually hint that it received the drop and is now printing. It can do this with animation or by otherwise changing its visual state.
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Other drag-and-drop interaction issues
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When we are first exposed to the drag-and-drop idiom, it seems simple, but for frequent users and in some special conditions, it can exhibit problems and difficulties that are not so simple. As usual, the iterative refinement process of software design has exposed these shortcomings, and in the spirit of invention, clever designers have devised equally clever solutions.
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What action should the program take when the selected object is dragged beyond the border of the enclosing application Of course, the object is being dragged to a new position, but is that new position inside or outside of the enclosing application Take Microsoft Word, for example. When a piece of selected text is dragged outside the visible text window, is the user saying I want to put this piece of text into another program or is he saying I want to put this piece of text somewhere else in this same document, but that place is currently scrolled off the screen If the former, we proceed as already discussed. But if the user desires the latter, the application must automatically scroll (auto-scroll) in the direction of the drag to reposition the selection at a distant, not currently visible location in the same document. Auto-scroll is a very important adjunct to drag-and-drop. Wherever the drop target can possibly be scrolled offscreen, the program needs to auto-scroll.
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DESIGN principle
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Any scrollable drag-and-drop target must auto-scroll.
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In early implementations, auto-scrolling worked if you dragged outside of the application s window. This had two fatal flaws. First, if the application filled the screen, how could you get the cursor outside of the app Second, if you want to drag the object to another program, how can the app tell the difference between that and the desire to auto-scroll Microsoft developed an intelligent solution to this problem. Basically, it begins auto-scrolling just inside the application s border instead of just outside the border. As the drag cursor approaches the borders of the scrollable window but is still
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