Abandoning all changes in Java

Add Quick Response Code in Java Abandoning all changes
Abandoning all changes
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While it s not the most common of tasks, we certainly want to allow a user to discard all the changes she has made after opening or creating a document, so this action should be explicitly supported. Rather than forcing the user to understand the file system to achieve her goal, a simple Abandon Changes function on the main menu would suffice. A similarly useful way to express this concept is Revert to version, which is based upon a version system described in the next section. Because Abandon Changes involves significant data loss, the user should be protected with clear warning signs. Making this function undoable would also be relatively easy to implement and highly desirable.
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Creating a version
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Creating a version is very similar to using the Copy command. The difference is that this copy is managed by the application and presented to users as the single document instance after it is made. It should also be clear to users that they can return to the state of the document at each point that a version was made. Users should be able to see a list of versions along with various statistics about them, like the time each was recorded and its size or length. With a click, a user can select a version and, by doing so, he also immediately selects it as the active document. The document that was current at the time of the version selection will be created as a version itself. Also, since disk space is hardly a scarce resource these days, it makes sense to create versions regularly, in case it doesn t occur to your users.
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Part III: Designing Interaction Details
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A new File menu
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Our new File menu now looks like the one shown in Figure 17-4, and functions as described below:
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New and Open function as before. Close closes the document without a dialog box or any other fuss, after automatically saving changes. Rename/Move brings up a dialog that lets the user rename the current file or move it to another directory. Create a Copy creates a new file that is a copy of the current document. Print collects all printer-related controls in a single dialog. Create Version is similar to Copy, except that the application manages these copies by way of a dialog box summoned by the Revert to Version menu item. Abandon Changes discards all changes made to the document since it was opened or created. Document Properties opens a dialog box that lets the user change the physical format of the document. Exit behaves as it does now, closing the document and application.
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Figure 17-4 The revised file menu now better reflects the user s mental model, rather than the programmer s implementation model. There is only one file, and the user owns it. If she wants, she can make tracked or one-off copies of it, rename it, discard any changes she s made, or change the file format. She no longer needs to understand or worry about the copy in RAM versus the copy on disk.
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17: Rethinking Files and Save
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A new name for the File menu
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Now that we are presenting a unified model of storage instead of the bifurcated implementation model of disk and RAM, we no longer need to call the leftmost application menu the File menu a reflection on the implementation model, not the user s model. There are two reasonable alternatives. We could label the menu after the type of documents the application processes. For example, a spreadsheet application might label its leftmost menu Sheet. An invoicing application might label it Invoice. Alternatively, we can give the leftmost menu a more generic label such as Document. This is a reasonable choice for applications like word processors, spreadsheets, and drawing applications, but may be less appropriate for more specialized niche applications. Conversely, those few applications that do represent the contents of disks as files generally operating system shells and utilities should have a File menu because they are addressing files as files.
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