Closing documents and removing unwanted changes in Java

Encoder QR Code in Java Closing documents and removing unwanted changes
Closing documents and removing unwanted changes
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Those of us who have been using computers for a long time have been conditioned to think that the document Close function is the appropriate way to abandon unwanted changes if we make an error or are simply noodling around. This is not correct; the proper time to reject changes is when the changes are made. We even have a well-established idiom to support this: The Undo function.
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17: Rethinking Files and Save
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Save As
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When you save a document for the first time or choose the Save As command from the File menu, many applications then present you with the Save As dialog box. A typical example is shown in Figure 17-2. Functionally, this dialog offers two things: It lets users name a file, and it lets them choose which directory to place it in. Both of these functions demand that users have intimate knowledge of the file system and a fair amount of foresight into how they ll need to retrieve the file later. Users must know how to formulate an acceptable and memorable filename and understand the hierarchical file directory. Many users who have mastered the name portion have completely given up on trying to understand the directory tree. They put their documents on their Desktop or in the directory that the application chooses for a default. Occasionally, some action will cause the application to forget its default directory, and these users must call in an expert to find their files for them.
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Figure 17-2 The Save As dialog provides two functions: It lets you name your file and it lets you place it in a directory you choose. Users, however, don t have a concept of saving, so the title of the dialog does not match their mental models of the function. Furthermore, if a dialog allows you to name and place a document, you might expect it would allow you to rename and replace a document as well. Unfortunately, our expectations are confounded by poor design.
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The Save As dialog needs to decide what its purpose truly is. If it is to name and place files, then it does a very poor job. After a user has named and placed a file for the first time, he cannot change its name or its directory without creating a new document at least not with this dialog, which purports to offer naming and placing functions nor can he with any other tool in the application itself. In fact, in Windows XP, he can rename other files using this dialog, but not the ones he is currently working on. Huh Beginners are out of luck, but experienced users learn the hard way that they can close the document, launch Windows Explorer, rename the file, return to the application, summon the Open dialog from the File menu, and reopen the document. Forcing the user to go to Explorer to rename the document is a minor hardship, but therein lies a hidden trap. The bait is that Windows easily supports several applications running simultaneously. Attracted by this feature, the user tries to rename the file in the Explorer without first closing the document in the application. This very reasonable action triggers the trap, and the steel jaws clamp down hard on his leg. He is rebuffed with a rude error message box shown in Figure 17-3. Trying to rename an open file is a sharing violation, and the operating system rejects it with a patronizing error message box. The innocent user is merely trying to rename his document, and he finds himself lost in operating system arcana. Ironically, the one entity that has both the authority and the responsibility to change the document s name while it is still open the application itself refuses even to try.
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Figure 17-3 If a user attempts to rename a file using the Explorer while Word is still editing it, the Explorer is too stupid to get around the problem. It is also too rude to be nice about it and puts up this patronizing error message. Rebuffed by both the editing application and the OS, it is easy for a new user to imagine that a document cannot be renamed at all.
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