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DESIGN principle
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Never bend your interface to fit a metaphor.
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Macs and metaphors: A revisionist view
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In the mid-1970s, the modern graphical user interface (GUI) was invented at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). The GUI as defined by PARC consisted of many things: windows, buttons, mice, icons, visual metaphors, and drop-down menus. Together they have achieved an unassailable stature in the industry by association with the empirical superiority of the ensemble. The first commercially successful implementation of the PARC GUI was the Apple Macintosh, with its desktop metaphor: the wastebasket, overlapping sheets of paper (windows), and file folders. The Mac didn t succeed because of these metaphors, however. It succeeded for several other reasons, including an overall attention to design and detail. The interaction design advances that contributed were:
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It defined a tightly restricted but flexible vocabulary for users to communicate with applications, based on a very simple set of mouse actions.
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form It offered sophisticated, direct manipulation of rich visual objects on the screen. It used square pixels at high resolution, which enabled the screen to match printed output very closely, especially the output of Apple s other new product: the laser printer.
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Metaphors helped structure these critical design features and made for good marketing copy but were never the main appeal. In fact, the early years were rather rocky for the Mac as people took time to grow accustomed to the new, GUI way of doing things. Software vendors were also initially gun-shy about developing for such a radically different environment (Microsoft being the exception). However, people were eventually won over by the capability of the system to do what other systems couldn t: WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) desktop publishing. The combination of WYSIWYG interfaces and high-quality print output (via the LaserWriter printer) created an entirely new market that Apple and the Mac owned for years. Metaphors were but a bit player (no pun intended) in the Mac s success.
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Building Idioms
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When graphical user interfaces were first invented, they were so clearly superior that many observers credited the success to the interfaces graphical nature. This was a natural, but incorrect, assumption. The first GUIs, such as the original Mac, were better primarily because the graphical nature of their interfaces required a restriction of the range of vocabulary by which the user interacted with the system. In particular, the input they could accept from the user went from an unrestricted command line to a tightly restricted set of mouse-based actions. In a commandline interface, users can enter any combination of characters in the language a virtually infinite number. In order for a user s entry to be correct, he needs to know exactly what the program expects. He must remember the letters and symbols with exacting precision. The sequence can be important, and sometimes even capitalization matters. In modern GUIs, users can point to images or words on the screen with the mouse cursor. Most of these choices migrated from the users heads to the screen, eliminating any need to memorize them. Using the buttons on the mouse, users can click, double-click, or click and drag. The keyboard is used for data entry, but not typically for command entry or navigation. The number of atomic elements in users input vocabulary has dropped from dozens (if not hundreds) to just three, even though the range of tasks that can be performed by GUI programs isn t any more restricted than that of command-line systems.
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13: Metaphors, Idioms, and Affordances
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The more atomic elements there are in an interaction vocabulary, the more timeconsuming and difficult the learning process is. A vocabulary like that of the English language takes at least 10 years to learn thoroughly, and its complexity requires constant use to maintain fluency, but it can be extraordinarily expressive for a skilled user. Restricting the number of elements in our interaction vocabulary reduces its expressiveness at the atomic level. However, more complex interactions can be easily built from the atomic ones, much the way that letters can be combined to form words, and words to form sentences. A properly formed interaction vocabulary can be represented by an inverted pyramid. All easy-to-learn communications systems obey the pattern shown in Figure 13-3. The bottom layer contains primitives, the atomic elements of which everything in the language is composed. In modern GUIs, these primitives consist of pointing, clicking, and dragging. The middle layer contains compounds. These are more complex constructs created by combining one or more of the primitives. These include simple visual objects such as text display, actions such as double-clicking or clicking-and-dragging, and manipulable objects like pushbuttons, check boxes, hyperlinks, and direct manipulation handles.
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