All idioms must be learned; good idioms need to be learned only once. in Java

Incoporate QR-Code in Java All idioms must be learned; good idioms need to be learned only once.
All idioms must be learned; good idioms need to be learned only once.
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DESIGN principle
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The key observation about idioms is that although they must be learned, they are very easy to learn, and good ones need to be learned only once. It is quite easy to learn idioms like neat or politically correct or the lights are on but nobody s home or in a pickle or take the red-eye or grunge. The human mind is capable of picking up idioms like these from a single hearing. It is similarly easy to learn idioms like radio buttons, close boxes, drop-down menus, and combo boxes.
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Branding and idioms
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Marketing and advertising professionals understand well the idea of taking a simple action or symbol and imbuing it with meaning. After all, synthesizing idioms is the essence of product branding, in which a company takes a product or company name and imbues it with a desired meaning. The golden arches of McDonalds, the three diamonds of Mitsubishi, the five interlocking rings of the Olympics, even Microsoft s flying window are nonmetaphoric idioms that are instantly recognizable and imbued with common meaning. The example of an idiomatic symbol shown in Figure 13-1 illustrates its power.
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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Figure 13-1 Here is an idiomatic symbol that has been imbued with meaning from its use, rather than by any connection to other objects. For anyone who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, this otherwise meaningless symbol has the power to evoke a shiver of fear because it represents nuclear radiation. Visual idioms, such as the American flag, can be just as powerful as metaphors, if not more so. The power comes from how we use them and associate them, rather than from any innate connection to real-world objects.
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Further Limitations of Metaphors
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If we depend on metaphors to create user interfaces, we encounter not only the minor problems already mentioned, but also two more major problems: Metaphors are hard to find, and they constrict our thinking.
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Finding good metaphors
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It may be easy to discover visual metaphors for physical objects like printers and documents. It can be difficult or impossible to find metaphors for processes, relationships, services, and transformations the most frequent uses of software. It can be extremely daunting to find a useful visual metaphor for changing channels, purchasing an item, finding a reference, setting a format, changing a photograph s resolution, or performing statistical analysis, yet these operations are precisely the type of processes we use software to perform most frequently. Computers and digital products are so powerful because of their ability to manage incredibly complex relationships within very large sets of data. Their very utility is based upon the fact that the human mind is challenged by such multidimensional problems, so almost by definition, these processes are not well suited to a simple, physical analog that people automatically comprehend.
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The problems with global metaphors
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The most significant problem with metaphors, however, is that they tie our interfaces to Mechanical Age artifacts. An extreme example of this was Magic Cap, a handheld communicator interface introduced with some fanfare by General Magic
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13: Metaphors, Idioms, and Affordances
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in the mid-1990s. It relies on metaphors for almost every aspect of its interface. You access your messages from an inbox or a notebook on a desk. You walk down a hallway that is lined with doors representing secondary functions. You go outside to access third-party services, which as you can see in Figure 13-2, are represented by buildings on a street. You enter a building to configure a service, and so on. The heavy reliance on this metaphor means that you can intuit the basic functioning of the software, but the downside is that, after you understand its function, the metaphor adds significantly to the overhead of navigation. You must go back out onto the street to configure another service. You must go down the hallway and into the game room to play Solitaire. This may be normal in the physical world, but there is no reason for it in the world of software. Why not abandon this slavish devotion to metaphor and give the user easy access to functions It turns out that a General Magic programmer later created a bookmarking shortcut facility as a kludgy add-on, but alas, too little too late.
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Figure 13-2 The Magic Cap interface from General Magic was used in products from Sony and Motorola in the mid-1990s. It is a tour de force of metaphoric design. All the navigation in the interface, and most other interactions as well, were subordinated to the maintenance of spatial and physical metaphors. It was surely fun to design but was not particularly easy to use after you became an intermediate. This was a shame, because some of the lower-level, nonmetaphoric, data-entry interactions were quite sophisticated and well designed for the time.
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General Magic s interface relies on what is called a global metaphor. This is a single, overarching metaphor that provides a framework for all the other metaphors in the system. The desktop of the original Macintosh is also a global metaphor. A hidden problem of global metaphors is the mistaken belief that other lower-level metaphors consistent with them enjoy cognitive benefits by association. The temptation is irresistible to stretch the metaphor beyond simple function recognition: That
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