Considerate products don t burden you with their personal problems in Java

Encoding QR Code 2d barcode in Java Considerate products don t burden you with their personal problems
Considerate products don t burden you with their personal problems
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At a service desk, the agent is expected to keep mum about her problems and to show a reasonable interest in yours. It might not be fair to be so one-sided, but that s the nature of the service business. An interactive product, too, should keep
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12: Designing Good Behavior
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quiet about its problems and show interest in the people who use it. Because computers don t have egos or tender sensibilities, they should be perfect in this role, but they typically behave the opposite way. Software whines at us with error messages, interrupts us with confirmation dialog boxes, and brags to us with unnecessary notifiers (Document Successfully Saved! How nice for you, Mr. Software: Do you ever unsuccessfully save ). We aren t interested in the application s crisis of confidence about whether or not to purge its Recycle Bin. We don t want to hear its whining about not being sure where to put a file on disk. We don t need to see information about the computer s data transfer rates and its loading sequence, any more than we need information about the customer service agent s unhappy love affair. Not only should software keep quiet about its problems, but it should also have the intelligence, confidence, and authority to fix its problems on its own. We discuss this subject in more detail in 25.
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Considerate products keep us informed
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Although we don t want our software pestering us incessantly with its little fears and triumphs, we do want to be kept informed about the things that matter to us. We don t want our local bartender to grouse to us about his recent divorce, but we appreciate it when he posts his prices in plain sight and when he writes what time the pregame party begins on his chalkboard, along with who s playing and the current Vegas spread. Nobody is interrupting us to tell us this information: It s there in plain view whenever we need it. Software, similarly, can provide us with this kind of rich modeless feedback about what is going on. Again, we discuss how in 25.
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Considerate products are perceptive
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Most of our existing software is not very perceptive. It has a very narrow understanding of the scope of most problems. It may willingly perform difficult work, but only when given the precise command at precisely the correct time. If, for example, you ask the inventory query system to tell you how many widgets are in stock, it will dutifully ask the database and report the number as of the time you ask. But what if, 20 minutes later, someone in the Dallas office cleans out the entire stock of widgets You are now operating under a potentially embarrassing misconception, while your computer sits there, idling away billions of wasted instructions. It is not being perceptive. If you want to know about widgets once, isn t that a good clue that you probably will want to know about widgets again You may not want to hear widget status reports every day for the rest of your life, but maybe you ll want to get them for the rest of the week. Perceptive software observes what users are doing and uses those observations to offer relevant information.
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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Products should also watch our preferences and remember them without being asked explicitly to do so. If we always maximize an application to use the entire available screen, the application should get the idea after a few sessions and always launch in that configuration. The same goes for placement of palettes, default tools, frequently used templates, and other useful settings.
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Considerate products are self-confident
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Interactive products should stand by their convictions. If we tell the computer to discard a file, it shouldn t ask, Are you sure Of course we re sure; otherwise, we wouldn t have asked. It shouldn t second-guess us or itself. On the other hand, if the computer has any suspicion that we might be wrong (which is always), it should anticipate our changing our minds by being prepared to undelete the file upon our request. How often have you clicked the Print button and then gone to get a cup of coffee, only to return to find a fearful dialog box quivering in the middle of the screen asking, Are you sure you want to print This insecurity is infuriating and the antithesis of considerate human behavior.
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