Considerate products anticipate human needs in Java

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Considerate products anticipate human needs
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A human assistant knows that you will require a hotel room when you travel to another city, even when you don t ask explicitly. She knows the kind of room you like and reserves one without any request on your part. She anticipates your needs. A Web browser spends most of its time idling while we peruse Web pages. It could easily anticipate our needs and prepare for them while we are reading. It could use that idle time to preload all the links that are visible. Chances are good that we will soon ask the browser to examine one or more of those links. It is easy to abort an unwanted request, but it is always time-consuming to wait for a request to be filled. We ll discuss more ways for software to use idle time to our advantage towards the end of this chapter.
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Considerate products are conscientious
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A conscientious person has a larger perspective on what it means to perform a task. Instead of just washing the dishes, for example, a conscientious person also wipes down the counters and empties the trash because those tasks are also related to the larger goal: cleaning up the kitchen. A conscientious person, when drafting a report,
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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also puts a handsome cover page on it and makes enough photocopies for the entire department. Here s an example: If we hand our imaginary assistant, Rodney, a manila folder and tell him to file it away, he checks the writing on the folder s tab let s say it reads MicroBlitz Contract and proceeds to find the correct place in the filing cabinet for it. Under M, he finds, to his surprise, that there is a manila folder already there with the identical MicroBlitz Contract legend. Rodney notices the discrepancy and investigates. He finds that the already filed folder contains a contract for 17 widgets that were delivered to MicroBlitz four months ago. The new folder, on the other hand, is for 32 sprockets slated for production and delivery in the next quarter. Conscientious Rodney changes the name on the old folder to read MicroBlitz Widget Contract, 7/03 and then changes the name of the new folder to read MicroBlitz Sprocket Contract, 11/03. This type of initiative is why we think Rodney is conscientious. Our former imaginary assistant, Elliot, was a complete idiot. He was not conscientious at all, and if he were placed in the same situation he would have dumped the new MicroBlitz Contract folder next to the old MicroBlitz Contract folder without a second thought. Sure, he got it filed safely away, but he could have done a better job that would have improved our ability to find the right contract in the future. That s why Elliot isn t our imaginary assistant anymore. If we rely on a word processor to draft the new sprocket contract and then try to save it in the MicroBlitz directory, the application offers the choice of either overwriting and destroying the old widget contract or not saving it at all. The application not only isn t as capable as Rodney, it isn t even as capable as Elliot. The software is dumb enough to make an assumption that because two folders have the same name, I meant to throw the old one away. The application should, at the very least, mark the two files with different dates and save them. Even if the application refuses to take this drastic action unilaterally, it could at least show us the old file (letting us rename that one) before saving the new one. There are numerous actions that the application can take that would be more conscientious.
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