DESIGN principle in Java

Implementation Quick Response Code in Java DESIGN principle
DESIGN principle
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The computer does the work and the person does the thinking.
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The ideal division of labor in the computer age is very clear: The computer should do the work, and the person should do the thinking. Science fiction writers and computer scientists tantalize us with visions of artificial intelligence: computers that think for themselves. However, humans don t really need much help in
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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the thinking department our ability to identify patterns and solve complex problems creatively is unmatched in the world of silicon. We do need a lot of help with the work of information management activities like accessing, analyzing, organizing, and visualizing information, but the actual decisions made from that information are best made by us the wetware.
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Designing Considerate Products
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Nass and Reeves suggest that software should be polite, but we prefer the term considerate. Although politeness could be construed as a matter of manners and protocol saying please and thank you, but doing little else helpful being truly considerate means being concerned with the needs of others. Above and beyond performing basic functions, considerate software has the goals and needs of its users as a concern. If an interactive product is stingy with information, obscures its processes, forces users to hunt around for common functions, and is quick to blame people for its own failings, users are sure to have an unpleasant and unproductive experience. This will happen regardless of how polite, cute, visually metaphoric, anthropomorphic, or full of interesting content the software is. On the other hand, interactions that are respectful, generous, and helpful will go a long way toward creating a positive experience for people using your product. Web Pages qrcode printingon .net
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DESIGN principle
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Software should behave like a considerate human being.
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Commonly, interactive products irritate us because they aren t considerate, not because they lack features. Building considerate products is not necessarily substantially more difficult than building rude or inconsiderate products. It simply requires that you envision interactions that emulate the qualities of a sensitive and caring person. None of these characteristics is at odds with more pragmatic goals of functional data processing (which lies at the core of all silicon-enabled products). In fact, behaving more humanely can be the most pragmatic goal of all, and if orchestrated correctly, this kind of dialogue with users can actually contribute to effective functional execution of software. Humans have many wonderful characteristics that make them considerate, and some of these can be emulated to a greater or lesser degree by interactive products.
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12: Designing Good Behavior
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We think the following describe some of the most important characteristics of considerate interactive products (and humans):
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Take an interest Are deferential Are forthcoming Use common sense Anticipate people s needs Are conscientious Don t burden you with their personal problems Keep you informed Are perceptive Are self-confident Don t ask a lot of questions Take responsibility Know when to bend the rules
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We ll now discuss these characteristics in detail.
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Considerate products take an interest
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A considerate friend wants to know more about you. He remembers your likes and dislikes so that he can please you in the future. Everyone appreciates being treated according to his or her own personal tastes. Most software, on the other hand, doesn t know or care who is using it. Little, if any, of the personal software on our personal computers seems to remember anything personal about us, in spite of the fact that we use it constantly, repetitively, and exclusively. A good example of this behavior is the way that browsers such as Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer remember information that users routinely enter into forms on Web sites, such as a shipping address or username. Software should work hard to remember our habits and, particularly, everything that we say to it. From the perspective of the programmer writing an application, it can be tempting to think about gathering a bit of information from a person as similar to gathering a bit of information from a database every time the information is needed, the product asks the user for it. The application then discards that tidbit, assuming that it might change and that it can merely ask for it again if
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