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Navigation of information
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Navigation of information, or of the content of panes or windows, can be accomplished by several methods: scrolling (panning), linking (jumping), and zooming. The first two methods are common: Scrolling is ubiquitous in most software, and linking is ubiquitous on the Web (though increasingly, linking idioms are being adopted in non-Web applications). Zooming is primarily used for visualization of 3D and detailed 2D data. Scrolling is often a necessity, but the need for it should be minimized when possible. Often there is a trade-off between paging and scrolling information: You should understand your users mental models and workflows to determine what is best for them. In 2D visualization and drawing applications, vertical and horizontal scrolling are common. These kinds of interfaces benefit from a thumbnail map to ease navigation. We ll discuss this technique as well as other visual signposts later in this chapter.
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11: Eliminating Excise
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Linking is the critical navigational paradigm of the Web. Because it is a visually dislocating activity, extra care must be taken to provide visual and textual cues that help orient users. Zooming and panning are navigational tools for exploring 2D and 3D information. These methods are appropriate when creating 2D or 3D drawings and models or for exploring representations of real-world 3D environments (architectural walkthroughs, for example). They typically fall short when used to examine arbitrary or abstract data presented in more than two dimensions. Some information visualization tools use zoom to mean, display more attribute details about objects, a logical rather than spatial zoom. As the view of the object enlarges, attributes (often textual) appear superimposed over its graphical representation. This kind of interaction is almost always better served through an adjacent supporting pane that displays the properties of selected objects in a more standard, readable form. Users find spatial zoom difficult enough to understand; logical zoom is arcane to all but visualization researchers and the occasional programmer. Panning and zooming, especially when paired together, create navigation difficulties for users. While this is improving due to the prevalence of online maps, it is still quite easy for people to get lost in virtual space. Humans are not used to moving in unconstrained 3D space, and they have difficulty perceiving 3D properly when it is projected on a 2D screen (see 19 for more discussion of 3D manipulation).
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Improving Navigation
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There are many ways to begin improving (eliminating, reducing, or speeding up) navigation in your applications, Web sites, and devices. Here are the most effective:
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Reduce the number of places to go. Provide signposts. Provide overviews. Provide appropriate mapping of controls to functions. Inflect your interface to match user needs. Avoid hierarchies.
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We ll discuss these in detail below.
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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Reduce the number of places to go
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The most effective method of improving navigation sounds quite obvious: Reduce the number of places to which one must navigate. These places include modes, forms, dialogs, pages, windows, and screens. If the number of modes, pages, or screens is kept to a minimum, people s ability to stay oriented increases dramatically. In terms of the four types of navigation presented earlier, this directive means:
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Keep the number of windows and views to a minimum. One full-screen window with two or three views is best for many users. Keep dialogs, especially modeless dialogs, to a minimum. Applications or Web sites with dozens of distinct types of pages, screens, or forms are difficult to navigate. Keep the number of adjacent panes in your window or Web page limited to the minimum number needed for users to achieve their goals. In sovereign applications, three panes is a good thing to shoot for, but there are no absolutes here in fact many applications require more. On Web pages, anything more than two navigation areas and one content area begins to get busy. Keep the number of controls limited to as few as your users really need to meet their goals. Having a good grasp of your users via personas will enable you to avoid functions and controls that your users don t really want or need and that, therefore, only get in their way. Scrolling should be minimized when possible. This means giving supporting panes enough room to display information so that they don t require constant scrolling. Default views of 2D and 3D diagrams and scenes should be such that a user can orient himself without too much panning around. Zooming, particularly continuous zooming, is the most difficult type of navigation for most users, so its use should be discretionary, not a requirement.
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Many online stores present confusing navigation because the designers are trying to serve everyone with one generic site. If a user buys books but never CDs from a site, access to the CD portion of the site could be deemphasized in the main screen for that user. This makes more room for that user to buy books, and the navigation becomes simpler. Conversely, if he visits his account page frequently, his version of the site should have his account button (or tab) presented prominently.
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