11: Eliminating Excise in Java

Incoporate QR Code in Java 11: Eliminating Excise
11: Eliminating Excise
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These complaints are well founded. Extra window manipulation tasks like these are, indeed, excise. They don t move a user towards his goal; they are overhead that the applications demand before they deign to assist that person. But everybody knows that GUIs are easier to use than command-line systems. Who is right The confusion arises because the real issues are hidden. The command-line interface forces an even more expensive excise budget on users: They must first memorize the commands. Also, a user cannot easily configure his screen to his own personal requirements. The excise of the command-line interface becomes smaller only after a user has invested significant time and effort in learning it. On the other hand, for a casual or first-time user, the visual explicitness of the GUI helps him navigate and learn what tasks are appropriate and when. The step-bystep nature of the GUI is a great help to users who aren t yet familiar with the task or the system. It also benefits those users who have more than one task to perform and who must use more than one application at a time.
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Excise and expert users
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Any user willing to learn a command-line interface automatically qualifies as a power user. And any power user of a command-line interface will quickly become a power user of any other type of interface, GUI included. These users will easily learn each nuance of the applications they use. They will start up each application with a clear idea of exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it. To this user, the assistance offered to the casual or first-time user is just in the way. We must be careful when we eliminate excise. We must not remove it just to suit power users. Similarly, however, we must not force power users to pay the full price for our providing help to new or infrequent users.
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Training wheels
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One of the areas where software designers can inadvertently introduce significant amounts of excise is in support for first-time or casual users. It is easy to justify adding facilities to a product that will make it easy for newer users to learn how to use it. Unfortunately, these facilities quickly become excise as users become familiar with the product perpetual intermediates, as discussed in 3. Facilities added to software for the purpose of training beginners, such as step-by-step wizards, must be easily turned off. Training wheels are rarely needed for extended periods of time, and although they are a boon to beginners, they are a hindrance to advanced users when they are left on permanently.
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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DESIGN principle
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Don t weld on training wheels.
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Pure excise
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Many actions are excise of such purity that nobody needs them, from power users to first-timers. These include most hardware-management tasks that the computer could handle itself, like telling an application which COM port to use. Any demands for such information should be struck from user interfaces and replaced with more intelligent application behavior behind the scenes.
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Visual excise
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Visual excise is the work that a user has to do to decode visual information, such as finding a single item in a list, figuring out where to begin reading on a screen, or determining which elements on it are clickable and which are merely decoration. Designers sometimes paint themselves into excise corners by relying too heavily on visual metaphors. Visual metaphors such as desktops with telephones, copy machines, staplers, and fax machines or file cabinets with folders in drawers are cases in point. These visual metaphors may make it easy to understand the relationships between interface elements and behaviors, but after users learn these fundamentals, managing the metaphor becomes pure excise (for more discussion on the limitations of visual metaphors, see 13). In addition, the screen space consumed by the images becomes increasingly egregious, particularly in sovereign posture applications (see 9 for an extensive discussion of the concept of posture). The more we stare at the application from day to day, the more we resent the number of pixels it takes to tell us what we already know. The little telephone that so charmingly told us how to dial on that first day long ago is now a barrier to quick communication. Users of transient posture applications often require some instruction to use the product effectively. Allocating screen real estate to this effort typically does not contribute to excise in the same way as it does in sovereign applications. Transient posture applications aren t used frequently, so their users need more assistance understanding what the application does and remembering how to control it. For sovereign posture applications, however, the slightest excise becomes agonizing
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