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DESIGN principle
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Provide choices, don t ask questions.
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Asking questions is quite different from providing choices. The difference between them is the same as that between browsing in a store and conducting a job interview. The individual asking the questions is understood to be in a position superior to the individual being asked. Those with authority ask questions; subordinates respond. Asking users questions makes them feel irritated or inferior. Dialog boxes (confirmation dialogs in particular) ask questions. Toolbars offer choices. The confirmation dialog stops the proceedings, demands an answer, and it won t leave until it gets what it wants. Toolbars, on the other hand, are always there, quietly and politely offering up their wares like a well-appointed store, giving you the luxury of selecting what you would like with just a flick of your finger.
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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Contrary to what many software developers think, questions and choices don t necessarily make users feel empowered. More commonly, they make people feel badgered and harassed. Would you like soup or salad Salad. Would you like cabbage or spinach Spinach. Would you like French, Thousand Island, or Italian French. Would you like lo-cal or regular Stop! Just bring me the soup! Would you like chowder or chicken noodle Users don t like to be asked questions. It cues a user that the application is:
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Ignorant Forgetful Weak Lacking initiative Unable to fend for itself Fretful Overly demanding
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These are qualities that we typically dislike in people. Why should we desire them in software The application is not asking us our opinion out of intellectual curiosity or desire to make conversation, the way a friend might over dinner. Rather, it is behaving ignorantly or presenting itself with false authority. The application isn t interested in our opinions; it requires information often information it didn t really need to ask us in the first place (for more discussion on how to avoid questions, see 12). Worse than a single question is a question that is asked repeatedly and unnecessarily. Many ATMs continually ask users what language they prefer: Spanish, English, or Chinese This is not an answer that is likely to change after a person s first use. Interactive products that ask fewer questions appear smarter to users, and more polite and considerate. In The Media Equation (Cambridge University Press, 1996), Stanford sociologists Clifford Nass and Byron Reeves make a compelling case that humans treat and respond to computers and other interactive products as if they were people. We should thus pay real attention to the personality projected by our software. Is it quietly competent and helpful, or does it whine, nag, badger, and make excuses We ll discuss more about how to make software more polite and considerate in 12. Choices are important, but there is a difference between being free to make choices based on presented information and being interrogated by the application in Web Pages quick response code implementationfor .net
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10: Orchestration and Flow
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modal fashion. Users would much rather direct their software the way they direct their automobiles down the street. Automobiles offer drivers sophisticated choices without once issuing a dialog box. Imagine the situation in Figure 10-7.
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Figure 10-7 Imagine if you had to steer your car by clicking buttons on a dialog box! This will give you some idea of how normal people feel about the dialog boxes on your software. Humbling, isn t it
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Directly manipulating a steering wheel is not only a more appropriate idiom for communicating with your car, but it also puts you in the superior position, directing your car where it should go. No one likes to be questioned like a suspect in a lineup, yet that is exactly what our software often does.
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DESIGN principle
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Hide the ejector seat levers.
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In the cockpit of every jet fighter is a brightly painted lever that, when pulled, fires a small rocket engine underneath the pilot s seat, blowing the pilot, still in his seat, out of the aircraft to parachute safely to earth. Ejector seat levers can only be used once, and their consequences are significant and irreversible. Just as a jet fighter needs an ejector seat lever, complex desktop applications need configuration facilities. The vagaries of business and the demands placed on the software force it to adapt to specific situations, and it had better be able to do so. Companies that pay millions of dollars for custom software or site licenses for thousands of copies of shrink-wrapped products will not take kindly to a program s inability to adapt to the way things are done in that particular company. The application must adapt, but such adaptation can be considered a one-time procedure, or something done only by the corporate IT staff on rare occasion. In other words, ejector seat levers may need to be used, but they won t be used very often. Applications must have ejector seat levers so that users can occasionally move persistent objects (see 11) in the interface, or dramatically (sometimes irreversibly) alter the function or behavior of the application. The one thing that must never happen is accidental deployment of the ejector seat (see Figure 10-8). The interface design must assure that a user can never inadvertently fire the ejector seat when all he wants to do is make some minor adjustment to the program.
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