Part II: Designing Behavior and Form in Java

Maker QR Code in Java Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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In Windows XP and Vista, Microsoft s right hand giveth, while its left hand taketh away. The File Manager shown in Figure 10-5 is long dead, replaced by the Explorer dialog box shown in Figure 10-6. This replacement is the properties dialog associated with a hard disk. The Used Space is shown in blue and the Free Space is shown in magenta, making the pie chart an easy read. Now you can see at a glance the glad news that GranFromage is mostly empty.
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Figure 10-6 In Windows XP and Vista, Microsoft has replaced the electric chair with lethal injection. Instead of long, inscrutable numbers at the bottom of the File Manager, you can request a Properties dialog box from Windows Explorer. The good news is that you can finally see how your disk is doing in a meaningful, graphic way with the pie chart. The bad news is that you have to stop what you re doing and open a dialog box to see fundamental information that should be readily available. In Windows 2000, this graph was automatically displayed on the left side of the Explorer window when a disk was selected; XP s solution represents a step backwards.
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Unfortunately, that pie chart isn t built into the Explorer s interface. Instead, you have to seek it out with a menu item. To see how full a disk is, you must bring up a modal dialog box that, although it gives you the information, takes you away from
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10: Orchestration and Flow
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the place where you need to know it. The Explorer is where you can see, copy, move, and delete files, but it s not where you can easily see if things need to be deleted. That pie chart should have been built into the face of the Explorer. In Windows 2000, it was shown on the left-hand side when you selected a disk in an Explorer window. In XP, however, Microsoft took a step backwards, and the graphic has once again been relegated to a dialog. It really should be visible at all times in the Explorer, along with the numerical data, unless a user chooses to hide it.
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DESIGN principle
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Provide direct manipulation and graphical input.
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Software frequently fails to present numerical information in a graphical way. Even rarer is the capability of software to enable graphical input. A lot of software lets users enter numbers, then, on command, it converts those numbers into a graph. Few products let a user draw a graph and, on command, convert that graph into a vector of numbers. By contrast, most modern word processors let you set tabs and indentations by dragging a marker on a ruler. Someone can say, in effect, here is where I want the paragraph to start, and let the application calculate that it is precisely 1.347 inches in from the left margin instead of forcing a user to enter 1.347. This principle applies in a variety of situations. When items in a list need to be reordered, a user may want them ordered alphabetically, but he may also want them in order of personal preference; something no algorithm can offer. A user should be able to drag the items into the desired order directly, without an algorithm interfering with this fundamental operation.
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DESIGN principle
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Reflect object and application status.
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When someone is asleep, he usually looks asleep. When someone is awake, he looks awake. When someone is busy, he looks busy: His eyes are focused on his work and his body language is closed and preoccupied. When someone is unoccupied, he looks unoccupied: His body is open and moving, his eyes are questing and willing to make contact. People not only expect this kind of subtle feedback from each other, they depend on it for maintaining social order. Our applications and devices should work the same way. When an application is asleep, it should look asleep. When an application is awake, it should look awake, and when it s busy, it should look busy. When the computer is engaged in some significant internal action like performing a complex calculation and connecting to a
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