DESIGN principle in Java

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DESIGN principle
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Keep tools close at hand.
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Most applications are too complex for one mode of direct manipulation to cover all their features. Consequently, most applications offer a set of different tools to users. These tools are really different modes of behavior that the product enters. Offering tools is a compromise with complexity, but we can still do a lot to make tool
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Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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selection and manipulation easy and to prevent it from disturbing flow. Mainly, we must ensure that information about tools and application state is clear and present and that transitions between tools are quick and simple. Tools should be close at hand, commonly on palettes or toolbars for beginner and intermediate users, and accessible by keyboard command for expert users. This way, a user can see them easily and can select them with a single click or keystroke. If a user must divert his attention from the application to search out a tool, his concentration will be broken. It s as if he had to get up from his desk and wander down the hall to find a pencil. Also, he should never have to put tools away.
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DESIGN principle
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Provide modeless feedback.
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When users of an interactive product manipulate tools and data, it s usually important to clearly present the status and effect of these manipulations. This information must be easy to see and understand without obscuring or interfering with a user s actions. There are several ways for an application to present information or feedback to users. Unfortunately, the most common method is to pop up a dialog box on the screen. This technique is modal: It puts the application into a special state that must be dealt with before it can return to its normal state, and before the person can continue with her task. A better way to inform users is with modeless feedback. Feedback is modeless whenever information for users is built into the structures of the interface and doesn t stop the normal flow of activities and interaction. In Microsoft Word, you can see what page you are on, what section you are in, how many pages are in the current document, and what position the cursor is in, modelessly just by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the screen you don t have to go out of your way to ask for that information. If you want to know how many words are in your document, however, you have to call up the Word Count dialog from the Tools menu, from there you can open a persistent Word Count toolbar, but even this requires users to click Recount to see accurate information (see Figure 10-3). For people writing magazine articles, who need to be careful about word count, this information would be better delivered modelessly. Even though many people don t use it, there s plenty of space on the bottom of the screen in the status bar to deliver such statistics.
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10: Orchestration and Flow
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Figure 10-3 In Word 2003, if you want to know the number of words in your document, you must choose Word Count... from the Tools menu. This opens a dialog box. To get back to work, you must first click the Close button on the Word Count dialog. This behavior is the opposite of modeless feedback, and it hampers flow. In Word 2007, Microsoft has improved the situation considerably: The number of words in the document is modelessly displayed on the lower-left edge of the window, next to the page count, a similar bit of information.
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Jet fighters have a heads-up display, or HUD, that superimposes the readings of critical instrumentation onto the forward view of the cockpit s windscreen. The pilot doesn t even have to use peripheral vision but can read vital gauges while keeping her eyes glued on the opposing fighter. Applications can use the edges of the display screen to show users information about activity in the main work area of applications. Many drawing applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, already provide ruler guides, thumbnail maps, and other modeless feedback in the periphery of their windows. We will further discuss these types of rich modeless feedback in 25.
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