Part II: Designing Behavior and Form in Java

Integrating Quick Response Code in Java Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
Part II: Designing Behavior and Form
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the application consistently rattles a user and disrupts her flow, it becomes difficult for her to maintain that productive state. In most cases, if a user could achieve his goals magically, without your product, he would. By the same token, if a user needs the product but could achieve his goals without messing about with a user interface, he would. Interacting with a lot of software will never be an entirely aesthetically pleasing experience (with many obvious exceptions, including things like games, creative tools like music sequencers, and content-delivery systems like Web browsers). For a large part, interacting with software (especially business software) is a pragmatic exercise.
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DESIGN principle
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No matter how cool your interface is, less of it would be better.
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Directing your attention to the interaction itself puts the emphasis on the side effects of the tools and technology rather than on the user s goals. A user interface is an artifact, not directly associated with the goals of a user. Next time you find yourself crowing about what cool interaction you ve designed, just remember that the ultimate user interface for most purposes is no interface at all. To create a sense of flow, our interaction with software must become transparent. When a novelist writes well, the craft of the writer becomes invisible, and the reader sees the story and characters with clarity undisturbed by the technique of the writer. Likewise, when a product interacts well with a person, interaction mechanics disappear, leaving the person face to face with his objectives, unaware of the intervening software. The poor writer is a visible writer, and a poor interaction designer looms with a clumsily visible presence in his software.
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DESIGN principle
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Well-orchestrated user interfaces are transparent.
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To a novelist, there is no such thing as a good sentence in isolation from the story being told. There are no rules for the way sentences should be constructed to be transparent. It all depends on what the protagonist is doing, or what effect the author wants to create. The writer knows not to insert an obscure word in a particularly quiet and sensitive passage, lest it sound like a sour note in a string quartet. The same goes for software. The interaction designer must train himself to hear sour notes in the orchestration of software interaction. It is vital that all the elements in an interface work coherently together towards a single goal. When an application s communication with a person is well orchestrated, it becomes almost invisible.
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10: Orchestration and Flow
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Webster defines orchestration as harmonious organization, a reasonable phrase for what we should expect from interactive products. Harmonious organization doesn t yield to fixed rules. You can t create guidelines like, Five buttons on a dialog box are good and Seven buttons on a dialog box are too many. Yet it is easy to see that a dialog box with 35 buttons is probably to be avoided. The major difficulty with such analysis is that it treats the problem in vitro. It doesn t take into account the problem being solved; it doesn t take into account what a person is doing at the time or what he is trying to accomplish.
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Designing Harmonious Interactions
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While there are no universal rules to define a harmonious interaction (just as there are no universal rules to define a harmonious interval in music), we ve found these strategies to be effective at getting interaction design moving in the right direction:
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1. Follow users mental models. 2. Less is more. 3. Enable users to direct, don t force them to discuss. 4. Keep tools close at hand. 5. Provide modeless feedback. 6. Design for the probable; provide for the possible. 7. Provide comparisons. 8. Provide direct manipulation and graphical input. 9. Reflect object and application status. 10. Avoid unnecessary reporting. 11. Avoid blank slates. 12. Differentiate between command and configuration. 13. Provide choices. 14. Hide the ejector seat levers. 15. Optimize for responsiveness; accommodate latency.
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