PR AC T IC E L A B : A L CAT E L -LuC E n T 7750 / 7450 h A R DWA R E in .NET

Integrating Code 128C in .NET PR AC T IC E L A B : A L CAT E L -LuC E n T 7750 / 7450 h A R DWA R E
PR AC T IC E L A B : A L CAT E L -LuC E n T 7750 / 7450 h A R DWA R E
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9. have a look at a specific log.
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*A:Router1# show log log-id 99 ====================================================================== Event Log 99 ====================================================================== Description : Default System Log Memory Log contents [size=500 next event=31 (not wrapped)] 30 2000/01/01 06:02:39.09 UTC WARNING: SYSTEM #2006 Base CHASSIS tmnxChassisTable: Chassis 1 configuration modified 29 2000/01/01 00:00:17.24 UTC MINOR: CHASSIS #2002 Base Card 1 Class IO Module : inserted 28 2000/01/01 00:00:03.72 UTC WARNING: SNMP #2005 Base A/1 Interface A/1 is operational 27 2000/01/01 00:00:02.94 UTC MAJOR: SYSTEM #2005 Base SNMP daemon SNMP daemon initialization complete. System configured with persistent SNMP indexes: false. SNMP daemon admimistrative status: outOfService. SNMP daemon operational status: outOfService. 26 2000/01/01 00:00:02.94 UTC MAJOR: SYSTEM #2023 Base SNMP administratively down The SNMP agent has changed state. Administrative state is outOfService and operational state is outOfService. 25 2000/01/01 00:00:02.84 UTC MAJOR: SYSTEM #2004 Base System configured Bootup configuration complete. Configuration status: defaultBooted. SNMP Persistent Indexes status: persistDisabled. System configured with persistent indexes: false. *A:Router1# [... Additional output omitted ...]
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9a. how are log entries listed: from oldest to newest, or vice versa 9b. Each log entry is numbered. Where does that number appear 9c. Does the number of log entries identified by the log-collector correspond to what is printed out 9d. Are there more options we could have used in this command how can you find out
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C h a p t e r 2 n t h e a l Cat e l - luC e n t 7750 S r a n d 7450 e S S C o m p on e n t S
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Lab Section 2.3: Saving Configuration Changes
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Alcatel-Lucent 7750/7450 routers provide two major configuration files required for initial access and maintaining configurations across resets. The following exercises show how these files are used. Objective In this exercise, you will gain an understanding of the role, filename, and content of the Boot Options File (BOF), and become familiar with how to specify and save the configuration file. Validation You will know you have succeeded if a directory listing of cf3: shows the two configuration files with recent time stamps. 1. Display and examine the content of the BOF.
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*A:Router1# file type cf3:\bof.cfg # TiMOS-B-6.1.R5 both/hops ALCATEL SR 7750 Copyright (c) 2000-2008 Alcatel-Lucent. # All rights reserved. All use subject to applicable license agreements. # Built on Sun Dec 14 15:01:11 PST 2008 by builder in /rel6.1/b1/R5/panos/main # Generated TUE JAN 01 16:33:15 2000 UTC primary-image address static-route autonegotiate duplex speed wait persist no li-local-save no li-separate console-speed cf3:\6.1.R5 active next-hop full 100 3 off
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1a. For filenames, does it matter whether they are typed in uppercase or lowercase 1b. Can you identify where/how to specify the location for the desired OS version (Hint: Find a match between the software version listed on the first line and one of the configuration lines.) 1c. Can you use any of the CLI help features to find out what storage devices exist, other than cf3
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PR AC T IC E L A B : A L CAT E L -LuC E n T 7750 / 7450 h A R DWA R E
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2. The BOF collects together three main items: the connectivity details (multiple lines), where to find the desired OS version (one line), and where to find all remaining details of the configuration (one line, not shown in the previous step). Changing either the OS version or the configuration is so quick and easy because all it takes is editing either (or both) of these single lines and doing a reboot. Since an uninitialized router doesn t specify any configuration file, you will add this third item now.
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*A:Router1# bof *A:Router1>bof# primary-config cf3:\MAA-TestConfig.cfg WARNING: CLI A valid config file does not exist at cf3:\MAA-TestConfig.cfg. *A:Router1>bof#
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3. The filename for the primary config is now set. In order to ensure that a router always works and never stops, the Alcatel-Lucent 7750/7450 routers were designed to have other chances to find a valid config if the primary config is somehow unavailable. use a CLI help feature to find out how many additional chances are available. 3a. If there are additional chances to find the config, are there also additional chances for finding the OS If yes, how many 4. The Alcatel-Lucent CLI has the same rules as any other editing task on a computer system: You may make as many changes as you wish before saving to a file, and you must save your changes or they will be lost when the system reboots. There is exactly one name that can be used for storing the BOF itself: cf3:\bof .cfg. Since there is only one name, there can only be one version or copy of the BOF. It isn t necessary to specify a filename when saving, only the save command.
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*A:Router1>bof# save Writing BOF to cf3:/bof.cfg Saving BOF .... Completed. *A:Router1>bof#
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4a. What exactly has been saved by the preceding command: just the BOF s three main items or all other configuration details 5. An Alcatel-Lucent 7750/7450 router has many, many configuration details, including a few that must at least have default values. The BOF now includes
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