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Figure 2.15 The relationship between log event sources, the log ID filter, the log IDs, and the log ID destinations. Note that the log ID filter policy is optional but recommended. Note also that the log ID destination options for the console and syslog are not shown.
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Sources Main Security Change Debug
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Event controller log event Yes Optional filter policy
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Log Id 10
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Log Id 11
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Log Id 12
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Log Id 13
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5. Syslog Event log information can be sent to a syslog server. 6. SNMP Trap Group Event log information can be sent to an SnMP trap group. All events and traps are time-stamped and numbered per destination. Traps are sequence-numbered per destination and stored in memory. If the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 SAM should go offline for some reason, it may not receive some trap notifications. When the SAM comes back online, it will automatically recognize that it has missed some trap notifications because the last sequence number it has will be different from the sequence number in the Alcatel-Lucent SR/ESS system. The SAM will then update its records with the missing traps. If the in-memory notification log becomes full and some records are overwritten, the SAM will resynchronize itself with the Alcatel-Lucent SR/ESS system. There are several steps that must be performed to configure logs: 1. Configure a log ID with a number from 1 to 98 (log IDs 99 and 100 are reserved for the system). 2. Identify the source(s) of the log ID. 3. Specify an optional filter to filter out certain log events.
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2.2 C OM M A n D -LI n E I n T E R FAC E
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4. Identify the destination of the log ID. 5. Examine the logs to view the events for that log ID. Figure 2.15 illustrates the relationship between the event log sources, the log ID filter, the log ID, and the log ID destination. You configure these log options using the CLI just as you have seen with previous commands. Two of the most important commands are log filter and log id. An example of using the log filter command to create a filter for a log ID is shown in Listing 2.7. In this example, we are creating log filter 14 with a default action of forward (the other default action is drop).
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Listing 2.7 The log filter command
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A:PE1>config# log filter - filter <filter-id> - no filter <filter-id> <filter-id> : [1..1001] [no] default-action - Specify the default action for the event filter [no] description - Description string for the event filter [no] entry + Configure an event filter entry A:PE1>config# log filter 14 A:PE1>config>log>filter$ description default filter A:PE1>config>log>filter$ default-action forward A:PE1>config>log>filter$ back A:PE1>config>log>filter# info detail ---------------------------------------------default-action forward description default filter ----------------------------------------------
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Once the log filter is created, it is necessary to use the log id command to specify the source of the logs and the destination. Recall that there are four streams of logs: main, security, change, and debug/trace; and six possible destinations: console, session, memory, file, syslog, and SnMP trap. In Listing 2.8, we are configuring log ID 14 to forward the debug/trace input stream to the session destination.
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Listing 2.8 The log id command
A:PE1>config>log# log-id 14 A:PE1>config>log>log-id# from debug-trace A:PE1>config>log>log-id# to session A:PE1>config>log>log-id# filter 14 A:PE1>config>log>log-id# info detail ---------------------------------------------no description filter 14 time-format utc from debug-trace to session no shutdown ---------------------------------------------A:PE1>config>log>log-id#
It is important to note that there are two default logs: log 99, which is used for all severity levels of alarms; and log 100, which is used for serious errors. As you have seen previously, you can use a show command to view information about these and other logs. The show log log-id xx, where xx is the log ID you are interested in, is very useful for viewing the information in a particular log. Since the logs can store a large amount of information, additional options are available to show only specific information in a log. For example, the command show log-id 99 subject 1/1/1 would display information in the log only about port 1/1/1. There are other options as well, and as always liberal use of context-sensitive help via the can provide assistance on available command options. Sample output from a show log command for log ID 99 is shown in Listing 2.9.