SR1>config# ro [TAB] router SR1>config# router router-ipv6 in .NET

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SR1>config# ro [TAB] router SR1>config# router router-ipv6
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2.2 C OM M A n D -LI n E I n T E R FAC E
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Console control commands are used for navigating in a CLI session and for displaying information about a console session. Many of these commands are global commands, meaning that they can be executed at any level of the CLI hierarchy. These commands are used to move up or down in the command hierarchy or to exit from a particular CLI command level. Some of the more commonly used navigation commands are shown in Table 2.2.
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Table 2.2 Basic Navigation Commands
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<Ctrl-c> <Ctrl-z> echo back exit all up/down arrow tree
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Result Aborts the pending command. Terminates the pending command line and returns to the root context. Echoes the text that is typed (primary use is to display messages in an exec file). Brings you back one context. Brings you back to the root level. Lists previous command(s) to be repeated. Shows available commands from context.
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There are two other special commands that deserve particular attention. The shutdown command is used to disable protocols and interfaces. This command is necessary to disable objects before they can be deleted. It is saved in the configuration file once the command is applied to an object. The other special command is the use of the no form of any command. This form of the command can be used to remove commands that have been previously applied, such as no ospf or no bgp. To return to the shutdown command, for example, all ports on the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR and 7450 ESS systems are shut down by default when the system is first powered on and must be enabled with the no shutdown command. To restore the settings after issuing a no command, you must reconfigure the router by re-entering the command you removed, rebooting from a configuration file that has the correct configuration, or doing an exec command on a configuration file that contains the correct settings. You can use an exec command to process a configuration file and restore the configuration stored in the file. Table 2.3 shows a list of other useful global commands.
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C h a p t e r 2 n t h e a l Cat e l - luC e n t 7750 S r a n d 7450 e S S C o m p on e n t S
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Table 2.3 Common Global Commands
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info logout oam password ping pwc sleep
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Result Provides info on the configuration. Terminates the CLI session. Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) test suite (see the Service OAM section of the 7750 SR OS Services Guide ) Changes the user CLI login password. Note: Not a global command; must be entered at the root level. Verifies the reachability of a remote host. Displays the Present Working Context of the CLI session. Causes the console session to pause operation (sleep) for 1 second or for the specified number of seconds (the primary use is to introduce a pause during the execution of an exec file). Opens a secure shell connection to a host. Telnets to a host. Determines the route to a destination address. Displays a list of all commands at the current level and all sublevels. Sends a console message to a specific user or to all users with active console sessions.
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ssh telnet traceroute tree write
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There are also some useful commands to control the environment of the AlcatelLucent 7750 SR and 7450 ESS, such as the appearance of the prompt and the number of lines on the terminal screen. Some of these commands are displayed in Table 2.4.
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Table 2.4 Sample CLI Environment Commands
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alias create more reduced-prompt terminal time-display
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Result Enables the substitution of a command line by an alias. Enables the create parameter check. Configures whether CLI output should be displayed one screen at a time, awaiting user input to continue. Configures the number of higher-level CLI context levels to display in the CLI prompt. Configures the terminal screen length for the current CLI session. Specifies whether time should be displayed in local or UTC format.
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2.2 C OM M A n D -LI n E I n T E R FAC E
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As previously mentioned, context-sensitive help for any command can be obtained through use of the .
Provisioning the Alcatel-Lucent SR/ESS Systems
The Alcatel-Lucent SR/ESS series products can be accessed in three ways: in-band ports such as on MDAs, a console port, and a CPM Ethernet management port. The console port is a DB-9 serial port on the SF/CPM card for a modular chassis or on the chassis itself for the SR-1 or ESS-1. The location of these ports is shown in Figure 2.14.
Figure 2.14 This figure shows the CPM serial console port and the CPM out-of-band Ethernet management port.