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CS Carrier Sense The ability of a device to sense activity on a transmission line. This is a component of the CSMA/CD algorithm used by Ethernet, but also used in other data transmission protocols. CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection CSMA/CD is the method of accessing a LAN specified in IEEE 802.3. A device listens until no signals are detected (carrier sense), then transmits and checks to see if more than one signal is present (collision detection). If a signal is detected, each device backs off and waits briefly before attempting transmission again. CSMA/CD is used in Ethernet LANs. CTRL Control Usually used to indicate a special character code formed by holding the [Ctrl] key on the keyboard. DA Destination Address Indicates the destination device for a network packet. Both Ethernet and IP use DA in the description of their packet headers. DB Database A collection of information in a specifically organized format. DBD Database Description A type of packet exchanged by two OSPF routers as they are forming an adjacency. Usually contains the list of LSAs in their link state database. DCE Data Communications Equipment DCE refers to the gender of an interface on a data device, such as a modem or transceiver. The pinouts are wired so that pin 2 receives data and pin 3 transmits data. In a direct connection between interfaces, one port must be DCE, the other DTE. DEC Digital Equipment Corporation DEC was a computer software and microcomputer manufacturer. Compaq acquired DEC in 1998.
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DF Don t Fragment A single-bit flag in the IP header that indicates the IP datagram is not to be fragmented. If the datagram is to be forwarded over a network with an MTU smaller than the size of the frame required to transmit the datagram, it is discarded and an ICMP message sent to the sender of the datagram. DHCP Dynamic Host Control Protocol DHCP is a client/server service that is an extension of the BOOTP protocol. DHCP simplifies the configuration of a client workstation since no IP addresses, subnet masks, default gateways, domain names, or DNSs must be programmed. With DHCP, this information is dynamically leased from the DHCP server for a predefined amount of time. Because the information is stored on a server, it centralizes IP address management, reduces the number of IP addresses to be used, and simplifies maintenance. RFC 2131 defines DHCP. DIX DEC-Intel-Xerox The original standard for Ethernet, also commonly known as Ethernet II. Compare to Ethernet 802.3, which is very similar but has a slightly different header. DNS Domain Name System DNS is an Internet standard for mapping Internet host or domain names to an IP address. DoD Department of Defense The U.S. Department of Defense. DR Designated Router In OSPF the designated router creates the network LSA that represents the topology of a multi-access network such as Ethernet. DSAP Destination Service Access Point A field in the 802.2 LLC header that indicates a protocol or service address for the data carried in the frame.
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DSCP Differential Services Code Point A 6-bit value encoded in the ToS field of an IP packet header. It identifies the quality of service handling that the packet should receive. DTE Data Terminal Equipment DTE is a communications interface such as a computer or terminal system. DTE refers to the gender of the interface on a data device, such as a PC. The pinout wiring is such that pin 2 transmits data and pin 3 receives data. In a direct connection between interfaces, one port must be DTE, the other must be DCE. eBGP External BGP A BGP session established between routers in different ASes. eBGP peers communicate among different network domains. EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol A generic term for a routing protocol that is used to exchange routing information between two routers in a network of ASes. BGPv4 is the current EGP of the Internet. eLER Egress Label Edge Router For a specific LSP, the last, or egress MPLS router. The eLER pops the MPLS label and forwards an unlabeled packet outside the MPLS domain. ESS Alcatel-Lucent 7450 Ethernet Service Switch An Ethernet switch that enables the delivery of metro Ethernet services and high-density service-aware Ethernet aggregation over IP/MPLS-based networks. The 7450 ESS is a member of the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR product family. FCS Frame Check Sequence An FCS is a Cyclic Redundancy Check used to determine errors in data packet transmissions. In bit-oriented protocols, FCS is typically a 16- or 32-bit field calculated on the entire contents of the frame and usually appended to the end of a frame. The receiving station performs the same calculation and compares the result with the FCS value. A difference indicates an error in transmission, and the frame is usually discarded.
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