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ALOHANET Experimental packet radio network under the direction of Professor Norman Abramson at the University of Hawaii. ALOHANET was connected to the ARPANET in 1972. The original Ethernet specification benefited from the experience of the ALOHA protocol. ARP Address Resolution Protocol Resolves a host/gateway MAC address for a given IP address. A device performs this task by sending a broadcast to the network, requesting (ARP request) the system that is using the specified IP address to respond with its MAC address. If the destination system is powered up and on the network, the system will detect this broadcast (as will all of the other devices on the LAN) and return an ARP response to the original system. ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency An agency of the U.S. Department of Defense dedicated to the investigation of technology potentially useful to the military. Later renamed to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). ARPANET ARPA s Network Generally considered the first operational packet-switched network. First operational with four nodes in the United States in 1969, it eventually evolved into today s Internet. AS Autonomous System A collection of routers and other Internet devices under a single administrative domain. AS has specific meaning to the BGP protocol. ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM is the international standard for cell switching. It employs 53-byte cells as a basic unit of transfer. ATM networks can carry traffic for multiple service types (e.g., voice, video, and data). BDR Backup Designated Router A router that is elected in addition to the Designated Router to represent a multi-access (broadcast medium) network in OSPF.
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BGP Border Gateway Protocol The core Internet routing protocol. BGP is used to propagate routing information between autonomous systems. A BGP update contains network prefixes and the list of AS numbers to be traversed to reach the destination. BGPv4 Border Gateway Protocol, version 4 The current version of BGP, in use on the Internet since 1994. BGPv4 supported CIDR that addressed the problem of quickly growing routing tables and extended the useful life of IPv4. BID Bridge ID A field in the Spanning Tree Protocol BPDU that is used to elect the root bridge. The BID is comprised of a 2-byte priority field concatenated with a switch MAC address. The switch in the network with the lowest BID is elected as the root bridge. BOF Boot Option File A file that specifies the runtime image, configuration files, and other operational parameters during system initialization of the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR. BOOTP A member of the IP family of protocols that allows a diskless client machine to learn, among other information, its IP address. BOOTP starts a networked machine by reading boot information from a server. BOOTP is commonly used for desktop workstations and LAN hubs. BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit A BPDU is the frame that LAN bridges supporting the 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol use to communicate with each other. CBR Constant Bit Rate Constant bit rate is an ATM class of service for delay-sensitive applications such as video and voice that must be digitized and represented by a constant bit stream. CBR traffic requires guaranteed levels of service and throughput. CCITT Comit Consultatif International T l phonique et T l graphique The CCITT was chartered to promote and ensure the operation of international telecommunications systems. CCITT has been renamed ITU-T.
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CD Collision Detect CD is the ability to detect multiple stations trying to access the transmission channel. In Ethernet CSMA/CD, this event is normal. Stations are designed to back off, then try again after a random interval. CE Customer Edge Edges (PEs). CEs are the routers in a customer s network that connect to Provider
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CF Compact Flash Specific format of flash widely used in electronic devices as a nonvolatile storage medium. On the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR routers, the operating system image and configuration files are usually stored on a compact flash card. CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing An IP addressing scheme that replaces the older addressing system based on Classes A, B, and C. With CIDR, a single IP prefix can be used to designate a block of IP network addresses. CLI Command-Line Interface A text-based user interface to configure an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR node (in contrast to a graphical user interface, or GUI). CLP Cell Loss Priority An indicator flag bit on an ATM cell header used to determine whether or not the cell is to be discarded during traffic congestion. If the CLP is 1, the cell is more likely to be discarded. Cwnd Congestion Window A parameter used in TCP to control the rate at which the sender transmits data; intended to prevent a TCP connection from causing congestion in the network. CPM Central Processor Module The CPM is the control component of the AlcatelLucent 7750 SR dedicated for system control, centralized protocol processing, and management.
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