Lab Section 2.2 Exercises in .NET

Integrate Code 128A in .NET Lab Section 2.2 Exercises
Lab Section 2.2 Exercises
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2a. Upon (re-)booting, what time does a router show By default, it reinitializes the time back to 0:00:00, 01/01/2000 UTC.
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2b. what are the settings for connecting to the router: Via the serial port Via the management Ethernet port The default settings for the serial port are 115,000-N-8-1 with no flow control. The default management port is fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps with full auto-negotiation. 2c. In which file are the connection settings stored Connection settings are stored in the file bof.cfg. The name for this file never changes. 2d. which piece of hardware provides the serial number that is used for the default router name The default router name is copied from the chassis serial number. See the 18th line of the output for the item Chassis Serial Number is. 6a. what are the options for the reboot command used in the previous exercise which gives more information: using the feature or the tree detail command There are four options when rebooting: active, standby, upgrade, and now. You may choose either active or standby, but not both at the same time. Likewise, if you chose either of those two, you may not choose the upgrade option. Only the tree detail command gives the complete list of options available for each command. 8a. How many main categories of events are there There are five overall categories: Main, Security, Change, Debug, and LI. 8b. From the above display, how many logs are actually actively recording events (These are default logs that always exist.) There are two default logs: 99 and 100. Log 99 captures all events, and log 100 captures more serious events. 9a. How are log entries listed: from oldest to newest, or vice versa Log entries are listed from newest to oldest. That ensures that the most recent events appear on the very first screen of output. 9b. Each log entry is numbered. where does that number appear The number appears as the very first item of the entry, immediately before the date and time stamp for the event.
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9c. Does the number of log entries identified by the log-collector correspond to what is printed out The log collector identifies the total number of events that have occurred. Not all of them are necessarily still retained in the log. Since log entries are shown starting from the most recent, the number identified in the log collector should correspond to the number of the first displayed entry. 9d. Are there more options we could have used in this command How can you find out There are quite a few additional options to help select and filter out particular entries of interest. Press the [ ] key at the end of the command (but do not press [Enter]) to show the options available.
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Lab Section 2.3 Exercises
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1a. For filenames, does it matter whether they are typed in uppercase or lowercase Filenames are the one exception to the rule that the CLI is case-sensitive. Each character, typed in either uppercase or lowercase, will match that character in the filename whether it is uppercase or lowercase. 1b. Can you identify where/how to specify the location for the desired OS version The item primary-image stores the directory name where the router expects to find the OS files. 1c. Can you use any of the CLI Help features to find out what storage devices exist, other than cf3 Yes. Starting with file type, press the [ ] key to get the full set of options for the storage devices. 3a. If there are additional chances to find the config, are there also additional chances for finding the OS If yes, how many Yes. There are three (primary, secondary, tertiary) settings (or chances) for finding the config, as well as three for the OS. 4a. what exactly has been saved by the above command: just the BOF s three main items or all other configuration details The bof save command only saves the items stored in the BOF. All the other configuration settings (in fact, every setting where the command starts with the word configure) get saved in the configuration file identified by primary-config.
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