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time<10ms. time<10ms. time<10ms. time<10ms.
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C H A P T E R 11: S E RV IC E S
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64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=64 time<10ms. ---- PING Statistics ---5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received, 0.00% packet loss round-trip min < 10ms, avg < 10ms, max < 10ms, stddev < 10ms *A:CE1#
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Part 3: Verification
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CE Network Connectivity
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1. On CE1 or Device4, run a traceroute to the 192.168.0.x address on the other device.
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*A:CE1# traceroute traceroute to, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 ( <10 ms <10 ms <10 ms *A:CE1#
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1a. How many routers does CE1 see between itself and Device4 1b. Does CE1 see the connection to Device4 as routed or switched (at Layer 2) Explain your answer. 2. On CE1 or Device1, try to ping any of the interfaces on PE1 or PE2. 2a. Are any PE interfaces reachable 3. (Optional) If Device4 has OSPF configured, check the adjacencies and LSA database on CE1 and Device4. (Refer to Lab Section 9.1 in 9.) 3a. How many OSPF adjacencies are there on each CE device 3b. Are there any adjacencies with, or LSAs from, the PE routers 3c. From CE1, which system interfaces can you ping PE1 PE2 Device4 3d. Explain the results. 3e. Are the OSPF sessions on the CE devices connected in any way to the OSPF sessions on the PE devices 4. On one of the PE devices, shut down the SDP to the other PE device. Repeat Steps 1 3 above.
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*B:PE1# configure service sdp 12 shutdown *B:PE1#
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4a. Explain the results. (Hint: Check the status of the VPLS service.)
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A p p e n di x B n L A b e x e rc is e s A n d s oLu t ions
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5. Re-enable the SDP that you shut down in the previous step. You may need to wait a few moments for everything to return to its previous state.
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*B:PE1# configure service sdp 12 no shutdown *B:PE1#
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VPLS Service Connectivity
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6. There are now two CE devices connected to the VPLS. Check to see if this has affected the quantity or state of the services present on each PE device.
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*B:PE1# show service service-using *B:PE1#
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6a. How many services are there on each PE device 6b. what is the status of each service 7. On each PE device, you can see the MAC database per service using the following command. Compare the exact contents of the two databases.
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*B:PE1# show service id 22 fdb detail =============================================================== Forwarding Database, Service 22 =============================================================== ServId MAC Source-Id Type Last Change /Age --------------------------------------------------------------22 00:1a:f0:5c:6e:1b sdp:12:22 L/0 01/01/2000 18:39:25 22 00:1a:f0:5c:73:c5 sap:1/1/1 L/0 01/01/2000 16:58:14 --------------------------------------------------------------No. of MAC Entries: 2 =============================================================== *B:PE1#
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7a. Are the databases identical or different If different, what is different Explain the results. 7b. How many local MAC addresses are in the CE1 table 7c. How many remote MAC addresses are in the CE1 table
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C H A P T E R 11: S E RV IC E S
Lab Section 2.1 Exercises
3a. Does it matter if a command is typed in uppercase or lowercase The CLI is case-sensitive (with one exception listed in Lab Section 2.3). All commands must be typed in lowercase. The only items that would appear in uppercase would be names (e.g., of routers, interfaces, and other settings) that an administrator chooses to write with uppercase characters. These names must be typed consistently, using the exact same uppercase and lowercase as when they were originally created. 3b. If a router is completely uninitialized, what time does it show An uninitialized router starts counting from the time 0:00:00, the date 01/01/2000, with the time zone set to UTC. It must be updated by the administrator or a time protocol (e.g., SNTP) to have the correct time. 3c. what is the OS version where else does the OS version appear The OS version shown in these exercises is 6.1.R5. By default, it also appears between the login and password prompts. 4a. Does the router name always appear in the CLI prompt Yes, the CLI prompt always contains the router name. 6a. Is the router name still the same as before disconnecting Yes, the name remains the same. Simply disconnecting and reconnecting to the router doesn t cause the system name to be forgotten or changed. 7a. Is the router name still the same as before rebooting No, the router name has gone back to the chassis serial number. 7b. why or why not The router name is part of the overall system configuration. Nothing was saved before rebooting, so everything was lost. You ll see in the next few exercises how to save configuration information so that it is preserved across reboots.