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interface isn t reachable, double-check that you have correctly configured that interface into OSPF and that the router is designated as asbr. 12. Use a show command to display the routing table on each router. Compare the result with the routing tables you obtained in Exercise 8.2. Verify the Protocol column to ensure that none of the routes is static.
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*B:PE1# show router route-table =============================================================== Route Table (Router: Base) =============================================================== Dest Prefix Type Proto Age Pref Next Hop[Interface Name] Metric -------------------------------------------------------------- Local Local 03d02h27m 0 system 0 Remote OSPF 02h16m53s 10 100 Local Local 03d01h09m 0 loopbackTest 0 Remote OSPF 00h09m57s 150 1 Local Local 03d02h01m 0 toPE2 0 Local Local 03d01h45m 0 toCE1 0 Remote OSPF 02h16m39s 10 100 Remote OSPF 00h09m45s 150 1 --------------------------------------------------------------No. of Routes: 8 =============================================================== *B:PE1>config>router#
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12a. what is the preference value for a route generated from an OSPF interface what is the preference value for routes distributed via an export policy The next set of lab exercises shows how to completely remove all configuration for a routing protocol in two quick steps. For the moment, however, don t forget to save the
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configuration on all your routers! Since the exercises in 11 require OSPF, it will save time if the fully functional configurations are saved now with a separate configuration name (refer to Lab Section 2.3 in 2, Saving Configuration Changes ).
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*B:PE1# bof primary-config cf3:\OSPF-Full.cfg WARNING: CLI A valid config file does not exist at cf3:\OSPF-Full.cfg. *B:PE1# admin save Writing file to cf3:\OSPF-Full.cfg Saving configuration .... Completed. *B:PE1# bof primary-config cf3:\MAA-TestConfig.cfg *B:PE1#
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10: BGP Routing
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The following lab is designed to reinforce your knowledge of the content in this chapter. Please review the instructions carefully for each lab and perform the steps in the order in which they are provided. The practice labs require that you have access to three or more Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SRs in a non-production environment. Note that the Alcatel-Lucent 7450 ESSs do not have the BgP capabilities required for these lab exercises.
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These labs are designed to be used in a controlled lab environment. Please DO NOT attempt to perform these labs in a production environment.
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Although there is quite a variety of routing protocols, BgP is the de facto standard for routers handling the global routing table (i.e., for the Internet). No course on routing protocols would be complete without some discussion of BgP. In this lab, we will duplicate the connectivity between PE1 and PE2 of the previous lab, except we will use BgP instead of OSPF. Figure 10.9 shows the lab topology for this lab exercise. Routers CE1 and PE1 are considered as being within ISP 1 s core; router PE2 is within ISP 2 s core. Note that CE1 has no direct reachability to the outside of ISP 1; it must always pass through PE1. ISP 1 and ISP 2 are separate Autonomous Systems (ASs).
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Figure 10.9 This configuration of three routers provides an example of configuring both an iBGP and an eBGP peering session.
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CE1 AS 65001 PE1
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AS 65002 PE2
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Lab Section 10.1: External BGP Routing
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we use External BgP (EBgP), or BgP between routers in different ASs, to provide a tidy example of basic BgP configuration. After establishing EBgP in this section, we ll add additional connectivity in the next section. Objective In this exercise, you will configure two BgP Autonomous Systems, using eBgP peering. You will configure the BgP routing protocol and required policies to connect the two different Autonomous Systems together and exchange routing information. Validation You will know you have succeeded if each PE router can ping every interface on the other PE router. Removing OSPF is the first step before configuring BgP, since this exercise uses BgP exclusively between PE1 and PE2. In most cases, removing a routing protocol is a simple two-step process: Shut down the protocol and specify no xxx (where xxx is a protocol name).