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15. Which of the following is the most accurate explanation of the information a distance vector routing protocol sends to neighboring routers A. It sends Hello updates. B. It sends its entire routing table. C. It floods LSPs. D. It sends its entire routing table and its neighbors routing tables.
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1. oSPF discovers neighbors ______. A. only by manually configuring the router B. By flooding updates C. Using Hello advertisements D. Using a host table 2. Which of the following is not a feature of the oSPF protocol A. It supports authentication. B. It provides a loop-free topology. C. It uses the Shortest Path First algorithm. D. It uses a hop count based metric. 3. Which logical interface is recommended for defining a router ID A. Ethernet interface B. Chassis interface C. MAC address D. System interface 4. What is the primary purpose of the oSPF router ID A. To elect a designated router B. To uniquely identify an oSPF router C. To trace sequence numbers D. To support LSA flooding
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5. LSA updates are sent in response to network changes and ______. A. Every 30 minutes B. After the Hello timer expires C. When the DR detects the BDR has failed D. Every 30 minutes provided new information needs to be transmitted 6. What does it mean to say that two oSPF routers are adjacent A. The routers are physically connected on a point-to-point link. B. The routers are on a common network segment and have exchanged database information. C. The routers have exchanged Hello packets. D. The routers are in a single area. 7. What is required for oSPF routers on a point-to-point network to form an adjacency A. The DR must form an adjacency first. B. The neighbor IP address must be configured. C. They will automatically become adjacent provided certain oSPF configuration values match. D. Nothing. oSPF routers on point-to-point links will always become adjacent. 8. Which of the following hello packet values is not involved in the adjacency process on point-to-point links A. The area ID B. The priority C. The Hello timer D. The dead timer 9. In addition to having correct oSPF settings in the Hello packets, another value that can prevent routers from forming an adjacency in the event of a mismatch is ______. A. The AS number B. The oSPF MTU C. The oSPF metric D. The MPLS TE
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10. The command to display the Link State Updates that a router has received is ______. A. show router ospf status B. show router ospf links C. show router ospf summary D. show router ospf database 11. There are many different types of LSAs in oSPF. The most common LSA type in point-to-point networks is ______. A. The area LSA B. The router LSA C. The network LSA D. The summary LSA 12. If an oSPF router receives an LSA with a sequence number that is equal to the sequence number it already has for that LSA, it will ______. A. Silently drop the LSA. B. Send a rejection notice to the sending router. C. Drop the LSA and send an acknowledgement. D. Drop the LSA and forward it to its adjacent routers. 13. Which of the following is false regarding the Shortest Path First algorithm that oSPF uses A. It determines the optimal route to each network. B. It creates a loop-free path to each network. C. It is run only on the router that originates an LSA update. D. It runs every time a new LSA is received. 14. Which of the following correctly identifies the order of steps for two oSPF routers to become fully adjacent A. Exchange, Loading, SPF, Adjacent B. Exchange, ExStart, Loading C. ExStart, Exchange, Loading, Full D. ExStart, Exchange, Loading, Adjacent
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