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13. When an Ethernet station wants to transmit information, the process it follows is ______. A. Just start transmitting. B. Listen for other stations transmitting; if none, then begin transmitting. C. Transmit whenever it receives the token. D. Issue a transmit request, and transmit when given authorization to do so. 14. What happens when two or more Ethernet stations attempt to transmit at the same time A. This is impossible on half-duplex. B. The signal results in a collision, the stations stop, and the stations all wait the same amount of time to retransmit. C. The signal results in a collision, and the stations retransmit based on a configured priority. D. The signal results in a collision, and the stations stop and retransmit after waiting a random amount of time. 15. Which of the following Ethernet standards is not matched correctly A. 10 Mb Ethernet Fiber or copper cable B. 100 Mb Ethernet Fiber or copper cable C. 1 Gig Ethernet Fiber cable only D. All of the above are correct.
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1. When a frame with an unknown destination MAC address enters a switch, the switch will forward it out which ports A. None B. All C. All unicast ports D. All except the port that received the frame
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2. The primary difference in the way Ethernet hubs and Ethernet switches handle traffic is ______. A. Hubs forward broadcast traffic out every port, switches do not. B. Switches eliminate the need for thicknet cabling. C. Switches support multiple physical connections to hosts. D. Switches forward unicast traffic only to a specific destination port. 3. Which of the following is not true about Link Aggregation Groups A. They protect against single or multiple link failures. B. They can contain up to eight physical links. C. They can protect against a switch failure by calculating multiple paths to the root. D. They can be configured to enter a down state if a certain number of links in the bundle fail. 4. Which of the following is not true of the STP protocol A. It calculates a root bridge. B. It uses a cost value on each port to determine the path to the root bridge. C. It ensures a loop-free topology. D. It provides load-sharing capability. 5. The advantage of using VLANs is ______. A. They can increase the security of your network. B. They can interconnect multiple broadcast domains. C. They can limit the amount of broadcast traffic between groups of devices. D. A and C but not B 6. Which of the following statements is false A. Routers provide broadcast domain separation. B. Hubs provide collision domain separation. C. VLANs provide broadcast domain separation. D. Switches provide collision domain separation.
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7. The method that LAGs use to provide load balancing is best described as: A. Aggregates all source/destination conversations into a single conversation equally across all links B. Uses the same physical link for each source/destination conversation C. Statistically balances conversations based on the source MAC address D. Distributes egress frames equally across all links in the bundle 8. Given the following code:
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Config> lag Config>lag# Config>lag# Config>lag# Config>lag# Config>lag# 1 description LAG from PE1 to PE2 port 1/1/1 1/1/2 1/1/3 1/1/4 1/1/5 1/1/6 port-threshold 2 action down dynamic-cost no shutdown
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Which answer correctly describes what happens when Ports 1/1/5 and 1/1/6 fail A. Nothing because the port threshold of 2 active links has not been reached B. The LAG begins using equal costing across all links because of the dynamiccost parameter. C. The LAG updates its BPDUs and recalculates STP. D. The LAG changes its oSPF cost for the bundle but takes no other action. 9. What is the primary reason that Ethernet switched networks require STP A. STP provides for link backup between switches. B. A loop-free topology is more efficient. C. Redundant paths can lead to broadcast storms and FDB instability. D. STP updates the oSPF routing protocol cost upon link failure. 10. The mechanism that STP uses to prevent loops in an Ethernet switched network is ______. A. STP elects a root and selectively blocks higher cost paths to the root from each bridge. B. STP blocks ports on all bridges that are not the root bridge. C. STP proactively changes all paths to the root bridge so that they are equal cost. D. STP uses BPDUs to set up a virtual path between each source and destination pair.
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