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*B:PE1# *B:PE1>config>service>vpls# show service id 22 base ===================================================== Service Basic Information ===================================================== Service Id : 22 Vpn Id : 0 Service Type : VPLS Customer Id : 1 Last Status Change: 01/01/2000 16:56:01 Last Mgmt Change : 01/01/2000 16:53:17 Admin State : Up Oper State : Up MTU : 1514 Def. Mesh VC Id : 22 SAP Count : 1 SDP Bind Count : 1 Snd Flush on Fail : Disabled Host Conn Verify: Disabled Propagate MacFlush: Disabled Def. Gateway IP : None Def. Gateway MAC : None ------------------------------------------------------Service Access & Destination Points ------------------------------------------------------Identifier Type AdmMTU OprMTU Adm Opr ------------------------------------------------------sap:1/1/1 null 1514 1514 Up Up sdp:12:22 M( n/a 0 9190 Up Up ======================================================= *B:PE1>config>service>vpls#
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If the service isn t completely Up, start with the troubleshooting steps from Section 11.1: Check that nothing has been (accidentally) left in a (shut)down state. Then check that nothing was skipped or missed while building the configuration. Note that just like an Ethernet switch, the state of a VPLS service doesn t depend on the CE equipment being properly configured. If the VPLS is down, looking at the customer equipment will not help you find or fix the problem.
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Part 2: Customer Device Configuration
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For this exercise, we will treat CE1 and Device4 as traditional routers. Their interfaces will use addresses from a common subnet, even though they are on opposite sides of a
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service (which may span a city, a continent, or the globe). The VPLS service will join these two devices in the same way an Ethernet switch would join them. The minimum requirements for Device4 are that it be capable of sending and responding to pings. We will, however, walk through the full configuration in case Device4 is an Alcatel-Lucent 7750/7450 device. Determine whether you have the ability to set the IP address of Device4. Set it to if you can. If not, carefully note the address and subnet mask of the interface connected to PE2. You will need to adapt the examples below to give PE1 a compatible IP address and mask so that it is part of the same subnet as PE2. 1. Reconfigure the interface on CE1 that connects to PE1. It should now use an address of (We will leave the name of the interface the same, even though a new name like toISP or toVPLS would be more appropriate to this exercise.)
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*A:CE1# configure router *A:CE1>config>router# interface toPE1 *A:CE1>config>router>if# address *A:CE1>config>router>if# exit *A:CE1>config>router# exit *A:CE1#
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2. Assuming that Device4 is an Alcatel-Lucent 7750/7450 device, configure the basic router settings and the interface to PE2. If Device4 is some other device and you are able to set the IP address and subnet mask, do so now.
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*A:NS074662074# configure system name Dev4-CE2 *A:Dev4-CE2# configure card 1 card-type iom-20g-b *A:Dev4-CE2# configure card 1 mda 1 mda-type m10-1gb-sfp-b *A:Dev4-CE2# configure port 1/1/1 no shutdown *A:Dev4-CE2# configure router *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router# interface system *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>if# address *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>if# exit *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router# interface toVPLS *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>if$ address *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>if$ port 1/1/1 *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>if$ exit *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router#
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3. (Optional) On Device4, create OSPF area 0. Add the system interface and interface connecting to the PE2.
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*A:Dev4-CE2>config>router# ospf *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>ospf$ area 0 *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>ospf>area$ interface system *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>ospf>area>if$ exit *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>ospf>area# interface toVPLS *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>ospf>area>if$ exit *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>ospf>area# exit *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router>ospf# exit *A:Dev4-CE2>config>router#
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4. Confirm basic connectivity between the CE devices by pinging the interfaces on the subnet. If there is no response, verify the previous configuration steps and correct as necessary. Pay particular attention to the configuration of addresses on CE1 and Device4.
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*A:CE1# ping PING 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 64 bytes from icmp_seq=5
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