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Figure 10.2 Public AS numbers range from 0 to 64,511. Private AS numbers range from 64,512 to 65,535. Public AS numbers are needed to peer with other ASes, while private AS numbers can be used within an AS. AS 200 and AS 400 are peering with AS 300, so all AS numbers are public. Inside AS 300, private AS numbers can be used such as 65,002 and 65,003.
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AS 300 AS 65001 AS 200 AS 65002 AS 65003 AS 400
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Public AS numbers: Are assigned by the IAnA or a regional authority. must be used when connecting to other autonomous systems on the Internet. Range from 0 to 64,511. Private AS numbers: Are assigned by ISPs (for some clients) or local BGP administrators. Are not allowed to be advertised to other ISPs or on the Internet. Range from 64,512 to 65,535. Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are suborganizations beneath the IAnA, and they are used to control the distribution and use of AS numbers. RIRs are nonprofit corporations established for the purpose of administration and registration of IP address space and AS numbers on behalf of the IAnA. There are currently five RIRs: AfriNIC Africa, portions of the Indian Ocean APNIC Portions of Asia, portions of Oceania ARIN Canada, the United States, and many Caribbean and north Atlantic islands LACNIC latin America, portions of the Caribbean RIPE NCC Europe, the middle East, Central Asia
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The concept of AS numbers is important to keep in mind as you further examine the history and features of BGP. As you will see, the concept of a path to particular ASes is key to forwarding operations in BGP.
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10.3 History and Features of BGP
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The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) was born in 1989 as version 1 and documented in Request For Comment (RFC) 1105. BGP has survived through several major revisions. Today, BGPv4 is documented in RFC 4271. BGPv4 has seen three major releases, while keeping the same version number. There have been numerous enhancements, and several inconsistencies were resolved in the latest release. BGP provides many important features that have greatly reduced the consumption of the IPv4 address space. These critical features have essentially prolonged the life of IPv4. These features include but are not limited to the following: Configured neighbors can be any reachable devices, not just directly connected devices. Unicast exchange of information Reliable route exchange via TCP using well-known port 179 Periodic keep-alive for session management Event-driven routing updates Robust metrics A key strength of BGP is that it enables the implementation of administrative policies to manage traffic flow between autonomous systems based on virtually any policy. BGP is extraordinarily scalable and can handle not only large numbers of ASes and IP network routes, but also large numbers of neighbors and a high rate of network changes. It is the protocol of choice for service providers and runs on all Internetconnected routers. BGP is the fundamental building block of the Internet and is used by every service provider in the world for service-provider interoperability, and is the most feature-rich and scalable routing protocol in use in the world. It supports the current requirements of the Internet and, with extended capabilities such as multiple protocol families and extended AS numbers, it is well-positioned for the future.
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The Alcatel-Lucent implementation of BGP version 4 for routing IPv4 conforms to the specifications detailed in RFC 4271.
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As alluded to in the features list, BGP is not a discovery protocol like OSPF, and as such, BGP neighbors must be manually configured to connect to each other. However, BGP neighbors need not be directly connected. The only requirement for BGP neighbors is that they can establish a TCP session with each other to exchange routes. If two or more BGP routers can establish TCP sessions and exchange routes, they will become peers. BGP peers can either be in the same AS or in different ASes. Within an AS, an IGP is required to route traffic between BGP peers so that they can establish a TCP session. Using an IGP provides the ability to have BGP peers that are not directly connected to each other. Between ASes, BGP peers are normally directly connected, so no IGP is usually necessary to establish those types of sessions. In the rare case in which BGP peers in different ASes are not directly connected, static routes are normally used to provide the routing to establish a TCP session. BGP sessions between routers in different ASes are known as external BGP (eBGP) sessions, while sessions between routers in the same AS are internal BGP (iBGP) sessions. Figure 10.3 illustrates the distinction between iBGP and eBGP.
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Figure 10.3 Peer connections between routers in different ASes are known as external BGP (eBGP) sessions, while peer connections within the same AS are known as internal BGP (iBGP) sessions. The routers in AS 65,004 and AS 65,001 have an eBGP session with routers in AS 65,002. Peering inside AS 65,002 are iBGP sessions.
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