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---------------------------------------------------------------------------Configuration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------IP Address : Area Id : Priority : 1 Hello Intrvl : 10 sec Rtr Dead Intrvl : 40 sec Retrans Intrvl : 5 sec Poll Intrvl : 120 sec Cfg Metric : 0 Advert Subnet : True Transit Delay : 1 Auth Type : None Passive : False Cfg MTU : 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------State ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Admin Status : Enabled Oper State : Point To Point Designated Rtr : Backup Desig Rtr : IF Type : Point To Point Network Type : Transit Oper MTU : 1500 Last Enabled : 03/13/2009 23:29:14 Oper Metric : 1000 Bfd Enabled : No Te Metric : 1000 Te State : Down Admin Groups : None Ldp Sync : outOfService Ldp Sync Wait : Disabled Ldp Timer State : Disabled Ldp Tm Left : 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Statistics ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Nbr Count : 1 If Events : 3 Tot Rx Packets : 599 Tot Tx Packets : 595 Rx Hellos : 228 Tx Hellos : 226 Rx DBDs : 4 Tx DBDs : 3 Rx LSRs : 1 Tx LSRs : 1 Rx LSUs : 4 Tx LSUs : 362 Rx LS Acks : 362 Tx LS Acks : 3 Retransmits : 0 Discards : 0 Bad Networks : 0 Bad Virt Links : 0 Press any key to continue (Q to quit)
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Ch apter 9 n OSpF
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As an alternative to accepting the cost based on the interface speed, the OSPF metric of an interface can be configured in the OSPF interface context. Figure 9.10 illustrates an example of an OSPF interface metric that has been manually configured. note that the default metric of system and loopback interfaces on a router is zero.
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Figure 9.10 Router R1 has a configured OSPF metric of 674 on its interface to network It is using the default metric on its interface to network (metric 100 indicates a 1-Gbps interface). The default metric for the system interface is 0.
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R1 Router ID Default metric is 0 Default metric is 100 R1 LSA Configured metric is 674 R1 LSA R2 Router ID
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We have now examined the key aspects of the OSPF routing protocol. Your understanding of the topics that have been covered will be reinforced through the use of the exercises and questions that follow. In the next chapter, we will turn to the most popular EGP protocol: the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). now you should complete the lab exercises to assist you in reinforcing this chapter s features. These lab exercises are carefully designed to give you hands-on experience, configuring many of the technology standards that have been discussed and should greatly aid you in your exam preparation.
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Practice Lab: Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
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The following lab is designed to reinforce your knowledge of the content in this chapter. Please review the instructions carefully and perform the steps in the order in which they are provided. The practice labs require that you have access to three or more Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Srs or Alcatel-Lucent 7450 ESSs in a non-production environment.
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These labs are designed to be used in a controlled lab environment. Please DO NOT attempt to perform these labs in a production environment.
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Pr AC T IC E L A B : OPE n SHO rT E S T PAT H F I r S T (O SPF )
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In the previous chapter, the static routes were configured entirely manually. There were many possible sources of mistakes: determining the correct IP address of the next-hop interface; typing mistakes of either subnet, mask, or next-hop values; or forgotten routes. Any single mistake could potentially severely disrupt the flow of traffic. routing protocols were designed to automate the preceding tasks and thereby eliminate as many sources of error as possible. In this lab, we use OSPF to duplicate the connectivity of the previous lab, but without requiring any manual configuration of addresses or subnets.
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