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14. Using a link state protocol, which of the following best describes the view each router has of all the links in the network after all LSPs have been flooded A. Each router has a common view of the network. B. Each router has a unique view of the network based on its location. C. Each router knows about only those LSPs originated from its neighbors. D. Each router knows about all LSPs but uses only LSPs from its neighbors to construct its view. 15. Which of the following is the most accurate explanation of the information a distance vector routing protocol sends to neighboring routers A. It sends Hello updates. B. It sends its entire routing table. C. It floods LSPs. D. It sends its entire routing table and its neighbors routing tables.
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The Alcatel-Lucent NRS I exam topics covered in this chapter include the following:
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Overview of OSPF The OSPF router ID OSPF point-to-point neighbor adjacencies OSPF link state flooding OSPF sequence numbers OSPF metrics
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n this chapter, we build on our discussion of IP routing protocols by examining the specific link state protocol OSPF, or Open Shortest Path First. OSPF is an important routing protocol widely used in enterprise and service provider networks today. Having a foundational understanding of its mechanics is extremely important. OSPF has many complex features, and a detailed discussion of all of them has filled entire books. In this chapter, we introduce you to only the most important aspects of the protocol to give you a foundation for understanding the basics. Primarily, we focus on how OSPF discovers neighbor routers and exchanges link state information with other routers. We examine how link state information is flooded throughout a network so that each router has an identical view of the topology and look at how OSPF determines the shortest path to each network destination using this information.
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The following assessment questions will help you understand what areas of OSPF you should review in more detail to prepare for the exam. 1. OSPF discovers neighbors ______. A. Only by manually configuring the router B. By flooding updates C. Using Hello advertisements D. Using a host table 2. Which of the following is not a feature of the OSPF protocol A. Supports authentication. B. Provides a loop-free topology. C. Uses the Shortest Path First algorithm. D. Uses a hop count based metric. 3. Which logical interface is recommended for defining a router ID A. Ethernet interface B. Chassis interface C. MAC address D. System interface
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4. What is the primary purpose of the OSPF router ID A. To elect a designated router B. To uniquely identify an OSPF router C. To trace sequence numbers D. To support LSA flooding 5. LSA updates are sent in response to network changes and ______. A. Every 30 minutes B. After the Hello timer expires C. When the Dr detects the BDr has failed D. Every 30 minutes provided new information needs to be transmitted You will find the answers to each of these questions in Appendix A. You can also use the CD that accompanies this book to take all the assessment tests and review the answers.
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9.1 Introduction to OSPF
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In the previous chapter, we discussed IP routing protocols and examined the distance vector and link state types of Interior Gateway Protocols. As mentioned in our prior chapter, link state protocols are the more modern routing protocols and are the ones typically found in today s large networks. A very popular link state protocol is Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). OSPF has undergone several request For Comments (rFC) revisions, and the most current specification is found in rFC 2328. In this chapter, we will provide an overview of OSPF and its basic functions. While we will not cover all of the advanced features of OSPF, this chapter will give you a foundational understanding of the most important OSPF concepts.
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