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These terms simply refer to the two basic functions performed by routers. The data plane is simply the reception and forwarding of IP packets by a router. One of the primary functions of routers is to forward data (IP packets) hence the term data plane to describe this function. The control plane is simply the sending and receiving of routing protocol updates to allow for the dissemination of routing protocol information. The routing updates provide information about how to control the flow of IP packets through a network hence the designation control plane. Figure 8.8 illustrates this difference.
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Figure 8.8 The control plane function consists of routing protocol updates that are exchanged only between routers to build the routing table. The data plane function consists of the procedures to forward IP packets using the information contained in routing tables.
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Network A
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Network B
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Legend Control updates
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It is important to realize that despite the examples presented so far, a router s neighbor interface may not always be point-to-point. In Figure 8.9, Routers R1, R2, and R3 are connected to a common broadcast domain. In such cases, the process of building the IP forwarding table is the same except that R1 must use its Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table to determine the L2 address of the next-hop router. (Recall our discussion of the ARP protocol from 6.) Figure 8.9 illustrates these steps: 1. R1 has one interface that is configured toward the broadcast domain. 2. When R3 and R2 send updates about their local networks to R1, they include the IP address of their interface on the broadcast domain. 3. R1 installs network with a next hop of and network with a next hop of 4. When R1 needs to send an IP packet to R2 or R3, it will obtain the L2 address for these routers from its ARP table and forward the packets with the correct L2 header.
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8.1 I P ROU T I nG C OnC EP T S A n D PU R P O S E S
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Figure 8.9 R1 needs to forward an IP packet to network It examines its routing table and determines that R3 is the next hop. Since R3 and R1 share a common Ethernet segment, R1 will issue an ARP request for the MAC address of R3 s IP address or retrieve the MAC address from its ARP table if an entry already exists for R3. Once R1 has the MAC address of R3, it will use this address to create the L2 header for the IP packet and forward the frame using the Ethernet protocol.
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R2 DST IP Which neighbor Network A R1 .1/29 .2/29 Network D .3/29 R3 Network B
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Selecting Routes from Multiple Routing Protocols
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Another important point to understand is that a router may run more than one routing protocol. This may be necessary during a transition period from one routing protocol to another or in the event that different parts of the network are under the control of different administrative groups who have made differing network architecture decisions. In Figure 8.10, the R1 R2 and R2 R3 interfaces are running OSPF, and the R1 R5 and R5 R3 interfaces are running RIP.
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Figure 8.10 Router R1 receives updates about Network B prefix from both the OSPF and RIP routing protocols. Metrics from different routing protocols are not directly comparable, so R1 must use a priority mechanism to determine which routing update to enter in its routing table. The Alcatel-Lucent 7750 router prefers OSPF over RIP by default.
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Network A
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Network B via RIP via RIP
network B can be advertised on both the interfaces of R3, each running a different protocol. Therefore, this network is advertised to R1 by both RIP and OSPF. R1