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For example, Routers R2 and R3 both advertise the destination network to Router R1. R2 advertises with a metric of 2. R3 previously advertised with a metric of 0 because this network was directly attached to R3. Any local networks on a particular router are considered to be the lowest metric or 0. When R1 receives the update from R2 and R3, R1 installs both the updates in its RIB and adds the value 1 to the metric advertised by both R2 and R3. In this case, the update from R2 will be installed in the R1 RIB with a metric of 3 (2 + 1); the update from R3 will be installed with a metric of 1 (0 + 1). Because R1 receives the update about from R2 and R3, a metric of 1 will be added to their individual advertised metrics (R1 counts itself as 1 hop, and therefore will add 1 to the route). The routing table on R1 is built from the existing RIB on R1. The best routes, depending on the algorithm used, are sent to the routing table, and this will be used to forward the IP packets. The best routes in our example are the routes with the lowest cost or hop count to the particular destination. note also for advertisements about a prefix that contains equal metrics, that the route selection algorithm must use a differentiator to install one route in the routing table. For example, in Figure 8.6, network is the network that is directly attached to Routers 2 and 3. Therefore, when prefix is advertised to R1 from R2 and R3, the advertisement contains the same metric (0 in this case since both R2 and R3 are directly connected to this prefix). R1 updates its RIB with both the updates: There are two entries for, one with next hop (R2) and one with next hop (R3). However, R1 chooses to install only the update from R2 (next hop in the routing table). The criteria for selecting a prefix from several available equal cost routes are entirely routing protocol-dependent.
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IP Forwarding Details
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Let s examine the process of router IP forwarding in a little more detail. The process is shown step-by-step in Figure 8.7 and is described in the following list. 1. An IP packet enters Router R1. 2. The IP packet s destination address is compared to the entries in the R1 forwarding table.
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8.1 I P ROU T I nG C OnC EP T S A n D PU R P O S E S
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Figure 8.7 An IP packet arrives at the ingress to Router R1. R1 looks at the destination IP address and searches for a matching entry in its routing table. R1 finds a match and forwards the packet out the appropriate interface to the next hop indicated in its routing table (R3, in this case). R3 follows the same process as R1, determines that the route is local, and forwards the packet to its local network.
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2 3 Dest. Prefix Next-hop Local Metric 2 0 2 2 2 6 Network B 7
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Routing table on R3
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Dest. Prefix Next-hop Local Local Local Metric 0 0 2 2 0
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3. The longest entry matching the destination is found, and the next-hop IP address is examined. The local interface corresponding to the next-hop IP address is then determined by re-examining the R1 forwarding table. 4. The IP packet is then forwarded to the corresponding local interface and out of Router R1 to its next-hop R3. 5. The IP packet enters Router R3. 6. R3 examines its routing table to find a matching destination for the IP address. It determines that the network is local and that it does not need to forward the packet to any other routers. 7. R3 puts the correct L2 header on the IP packet and forwards it to the destination device. These procedures are actually the result of two separate functions that routers perform. One function of routers is simply to forward packets as we have described. The other function is to use routing protocols to build routing tables so that the forwarding process has the information it needs to operate correctly. The terms control plane and data plane are often used when referring to these routing update and packet forwarding processes.
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