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It is rare, given the CPU processing power of modern computers, for a TCP process to reduce its window size to zero in order to stop the data flow completely. What is more likely is for the window size to reduce slightly, as some segments are processed to slow down the sending host slightly, and then for the receiver to send an increased window size to allow the sender to begin transmitting more rapidly.
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TCP Operation
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A somewhat typical TCP conversation is shown in Figure 7.7. here, an entire (albeit short) TCP conversation is shown from start to finish. note that this is a simplified example in which host 1 is sending data to host 2, but host 2 is simply acknowledging the data and is not sending any data of its own to host 1. host 2 could send data of its own to host 1 because TCP is a full-duplex protocol; it is just not doing so in this example.
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Figure 7.7 A short but complete TCP conversation from start to finish. The three-way handshake starts the TCP conversation, data is transferred with sequence and acknowledgement numbers, and the window size fluctuates slightly. The conversation is closed at the end with FIN and FIN + ACK bits set. Wnd=the advertised TCP Window and LEN=the length of the data in the TCP segment.
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Host 1
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Initial 3-way handshake
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Seq.no. 122 (next seq.no. 123) Ack.no. 0 Wnd 8192 LEN = 0B Seq.no. 286 (next seq.no. 287) Ack.no. 123 Wnd 8760 LEN = 0B Seq.no. 123 (next seq.no. 123) Ack.no. 287 Wnd 8192 LEN = 0B Seq.no. 123 (next seq.no. 323) Ack.no. 287 Wnd 8192 LEN = 200B Ack.no. 323 Wnd 8560 Seq.no. 323 (next seq.no. 723) Ack.no. 287 Wnd 8192 LEN = 400B Ack.no. 723 Wnd 8160 Seq.no. 723 (next seq.no. 724) Ack.no. 287 Wnd 8192 LEN = 0B Seq.no. 287 (next seq.no. 287 + 1) Ack.no. 724 Wnd 8160 LEN = 0B Seq.no. 724 (next seq.no. 724) Ack.no. 288 Wnd 8192 LEN = 0B
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Host 2
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Data transfer
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Closing session
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7.2 T R A nSP O RT C On T RO L PRO TO C O L (TC P)
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The process is outlined in the following lists:
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Initial Three-Way Handshake Phase
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1. The session begins with host, which initiates a SYn that contains the sequence number 122, which is the ISn. There are only zeros in the acknowledgment field because this field is not used in the SYn segment. The window size of the sender starts as 8,192 octets. 2. The receiving host sends its ISn (286) in the sequence number field and acknowledges the sender s sequence number by incrementing the number by 1 (123); the receiver expects this value to be the starting sequence number of the data bytes that the sender will send next. This is called the SYN-ACK segment. The receiver s window size starts as 8,760. 3. When the SYn-ACK is received, the sender issues an ACK that acknowledges the receiver s ISn by incrementing the ISn by 1 and placing the value in the acknowledgment field (287). The sender also sends the same sequence number that it sent previously (123). These three segments that are exchanged to establish the connection never contain any data.
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Data Transfer Phase
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1. From this point on, ACKs are used in every segment sent. The sender starts sending data by specifying the sequence number 123 again because this is the sequence number of the first byte of the data that it is sending. Again, the acknowledgment number 287 is sent, which is the expected sequence number of the first byte of data that the receiver will send. In this example, the sender initially sends 200 bytes of data in one segment. 2. The receiver acknowledges the receipt of the data by sending the number 323 in the acknowledgment number field, which acknowledges that the next byte of data to be sent will start with sequence number 323. It is assumed that sequence numbers up to and including 323 have been successfully received. note that not every byte needs to be acknowledged. The receiver subtracts 200 bytes from its previous window size of 8,760 and sends 8,560 as its new window size. 3. The sender sends 400 bytes of data, starting at sequence number 323.
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