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now that you have completed this chapter, you should have a good understanding of the following topics. If you are not familiar with these topics, please go back and review the appropriate sections. How an incoming IP packet is processed and forwarded by a router The information contained in a router FIB table The purpose of a default gateway Understanding nAT and PAT and why they are used The purpose and operation of DHCP The purpose and operation of ARP The purpose of ICMP and how echo reply, echo request, and destination unreachable messages are used The concept of an IP filter and how they are created and applied on the AlcatelLucent 7750 SR
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The following questions will test your knowledge and prepare you for the AlcatelLucent nRS I Certification exam. Please review each question carefully and choose the most correct answer. You can compare your response with the answers listed in Appendix A. You can also use the CD that accompanies this book to take all the assessment tests and review the answers. Good luck! 1. Which of the following is a function not performed by a router when forwarding an IP packet A. Verify the IP header checksum. B. Decrement the TTL and ensure that it is not zero. C. Send a received message to the originating router. D. Remove the existing L2 header and create a new L2 header before forwarding the IP packet to its next destination. 2. Which of the following highlights the differences between a traditional home user network and the modern home user network A. Traditional home networks did not use routers. B. Modern home networks can use wireless access points. C. Modern home networks make use of a variety of new services such as Video on Demand and IP telephony. D. Traditional home networks did not rely on the IP protocol. 3. In a typical home network, when a PC needs to send an IP packet to a destination on the Internet, it first sends the packet to ______. A. The designated router B. The cable modem C. The router indicated in its BGP table D. The default gateway
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4. Which of the following statements regarding nAT is false A. nAT is used for many-to-one translations. B. nAT is intended to alleviate the need for every home user device to have a public IP address. C. nAT typically makes use of private IP addressing. D. A nAT router maintains a translation database to perform the address conversions. 5. The process by which a home user s router requests and receives a public IP address from its service provider is known as ______. A. ARP B. DHCP C. ICMP D. OSPF 6. Which of the following is false about the DHCP process A. The client broadcasts a discover message looking for DHCP servers. B. All DHCP servers will broadcast an offer message. C. A client will send a unicast accept message to the first DHCP server it receives a response from. D. All of the above statements are true. 7. The ping application relies on two common ICMP message types. Which answer is not one of these types A. The echo receive ICMP type. B. The echo request ICMP type. C. The echo reply ICMP type. D. none of the above are ICMP message types used by ping. 8. Which of the following is true regarding ICMP destination unreachable messages A. They are sent after failure to receive an ethernet ACK. B. They are created by routers that cannot deliver an IP packet to its destination. C. They rely on the use of ICMP echo replies. D. They are originated by hosts that are about to reboot.
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