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20. given network and a subnet that supports 4,387 hosts, what is the most likely mask for the subnet A. /20 B. /17 C. /21 D. /19
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IP Forwarding and Services
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The Alcatel-Lucent NRS I exam topics covered in this chapter include the following:
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IP forwarding process Typical IP configurations Additional IP-related services IP filtering
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n this chapter, we continue our discussion of the IP protocol by examining how IP packets are actually forwarded by a router. After examining this process, we look at some typical network configurations for a home network and how packets are sent from a home network to a service provider. We also examine some additional services that are needed in an IP network such as error messages and show how to discover a MAC address based on an IP address. Finally, we turn to the important topic of filtering to see how routers can selectively block certain IP packets based on particular security policies.
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The following assessment questions will help you understand what areas of the chapter you should review in more detail to prepare for the exam. 1. Which of the following is a function not performed by a router when forwarding an IP packet A. Verify the IP header checksum. B. Decrement the TTL and ensure it is not zero. C. Send a received message to the originating router. D. Remove the existing L2 header and create a new L2 header before forwarding the IP packet to its next destination. 2. Which of the following highlights the differences between a traditional home user network and the modern user home network A. Traditional home networks did not use routers. B. Modern home networks can use wireless access points. C. Modern home networks make use of a variety of new services such as Video on Demand and IP telephony. D. Traditional home networks did not rely on the IP protocol. 3. In a typical home network, when a PC needs to send an IP packet to a destination on the Internet it first sends the packet to ______. A. The designated router B. The cable modem
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C. The router indicated in its BGP table D. The default gateway 4. Which of the following statements regarding nAT is false A. nAT is used for many-to-one translations. B. nAT alleviates the need for every home user device to have a public IP address. C. nAT typically makes use of private IP addressing. D. A nAT router maintains a translation database to perform the address conversions. 5. The process by which a home user s router requests and receives a public IP address from its service provider is known as ______. A. ARP B. DHCP C. ICMP D. OSPF You will find the answers to each of these questions in Appendix A. You can also use the CD that accompanies this book to take all the assessment tests and review the answers.
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6.1 The IP Forwarding Process
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We begin this chapter by discussing IP forwarding. IP forwarding refers to the process of moving transit packets from one router interface to another ( transit packets in this context meaning packets whose destination is not the router itself). The forwarding process includes looking through the router forwarding table to find a match for the destination IP address and then sending the packet out the interface indicated in the forwarding table. The process of forwarding IP packets is also often called routing. While the terms forwarding and routing are often used interchangeably, there is a subtle distinction between these processes. Forwarding means simply the process of examining the forwarding table and sending the packet out the correct destination interface. Routing is a more general term and includes not only the forwarding process just described, but the associated processes that a router uses to build the forwarding table as well. Typically, there is a routing protocol that will be used to distribute information throughout a network from one router to another, thus allowing all routers to build up a routing table of destination addresses (routing protocols are discussed in 8). This routing table is then used to build the forwarding tables that are used to move packets to the actual router interfaces. On the Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR, the routing table is maintained by the Control Processor Module (CPM). From the routing table, a forwarding table is constructed and downloaded to each line card (recall from 2 that a line card is a physical interface card that resides in an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 chassis). To give you an idea of what a typical forwarding table looks like, Listing 6.1 shows actual output of the forwarding table on line card 1 of an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR-7.
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