Viewing Your Drawing in .NET

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8 Viewing Your Drawing
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Figure 8-13: The View dialog box now lists the views you have saved.
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Using Named Views to Open a Drawing
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Using named views provides two additional advantages. First, you can use named views when you open a drawing so that one of its views is immediately displayed. Second, you can open only the part of a drawing contained in a view.
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A drawing with a view
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Once you have saved views, you can use them to open a drawing so that a view is immediately displayed, but only from within AutoCAD. (The Startup dialog box doesn t contain this feature.) Click Open on the Standard toolbar. In the Select File dialog box, choose the file you want to open and check Select Initial View. Then click Open. In the Select Initial View dialog box, choose the view you want to display and click OK.
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Partially opening a drawing
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You can also open only the part of a drawing contained in a named view. You would do this for a very large drawing that is slow and cumbersome to work with when it is completely opened. For example, if you have a surveyor s drawing of an entire county, but need to work only with one plat, you could open a view containing only that plat. To partially open a drawing from within AutoCAD, follow these steps:
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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1. Choose File Open. AutoCAD opens the Select File dialog box. 2. Choose a drawing and then click the Open drop-down box. Choose Partial Open. (Partial Open is only available if the drawing has named views.) AutoCAD opens the Partial Open dialog box, shown in Figure 8-14.
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Figure 8-14: Use the Partial Open dialog box to open only the part of a drawing contained in a named view.
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3. Choose a view from the list of named views. 4. Choose one or more layers. To include all the layers, click Load All. (If you don t include at least one layer, no objects are loaded. Layers are covered in 11.) Click Open. Once you have partially opened a drawing, you can open more of the drawing. Choose File Partial Load. (This item is only available if the current drawing has been partially opened.) AutoCAD opens the Partial Open dialog box. You can change the view. To open the entire drawing, choose the default view, *Extents*. To define a new view on the fly, click the Pick a Window button and define the two diagonal corners of the view you want to see. Check what layers you want to include, or click Load All. Click OK to open the drawing with the new view and layers specifications.
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Tiled Viewports
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Tiled viewports enable you to divide up the screen into rectangular bounding boxes. You can then show a different view of your drawing in each viewport. The purpose of tiled viewports is to make it easier to draw. For example:
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8 Viewing Your Drawing
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You can see the whole drawing in one viewport and a zoomed-in portion of that drawing in another viewport. You can see widely separated views of a large drawing at one time.
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AutoCAD offers two types of viewports tiled and floating. For more information on floating viewports, see the sidebar of that title in this chapter. For a detailed discussion, turn to 17.
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Actually, you are already using a tiled viewport because the regular single view of your drawing that you have been working with represents the default of a one-tile viewport. Tiled viewports have the following characteristics: No matter how many viewports you have, they always collectively take up the entire screen. They are not separate entities, but a way of dividing up the screen. Only one viewport can be active at a time. The active viewport has a bold border. The crosshairs only appear in the active viewport. The UCS (User Coordinate System) icon (if set to On) appears in each viewport. Any change you make to your drawing in one viewport automatically appears in every other viewport (or in each viewport that shows the part of the drawing where you made the change). AutoCAD enables you to create up to 96 viewports but you ll never want to create that many! You can begin a command in one viewport and finish it in another. For example, you can start a line in one viewport, switch to a second viewport, and end the line there. You can save and restore viewport configurations. Figure 8-15 shows a drawing divided into three tiled viewports. Each viewport shows a different view of the same drawing.
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