Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions in .NET

Insert UPC A in .NET Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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Using Aerial View
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Aerial View is most useful in large maps or floor plans, or any drawing with lots of detail. You can use it transparently. Don t forget that before you use Aerial Window you need to click in the Aerial View window to activate it. When you return to the AutoCAD window, you need to activate that window as well. To close Aerial View, click its Close button in the upper-right corner of the window.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on using Aerial View, ab8-b.dwg, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Using Aerial View
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1. Open ab8-b.dwg from the CD-ROM if it is not already open from the previous exercise. 2. Choose View Aerial View. The Aerial View window opens. The Aerial View window is not currently active. 3. Click the Aerial View title bar to activate it. At the bottom of the warehouse drawing, somewhat to the left, is a rectangle (representing an office) with some text in it. (If you did the previous exercise, you zoomed into this office using Zoom Center.) 4. To zoom in to the office, click once in the Aerial View display. To change to zoom mode, click again. Move the cursor down and to the left until the box is not much bigger than the office. Click again to return to pan mode, move the box over the office, and right-click. AutoCAD zooms in on the office. In the Aerial View window, you still see the entire drawing, and the current view is bounded by a thick box, the View box. Your screen should look like Figure 8-9. 5. Click again to activate the pan/zoom box. Move the box just to the left and right-click. AutoCAD pans to show some windows to the left of the office. 6. Click again to start panning and zooming. Using the same technique as you just used in Step 4, pan to the top-left quadrant of the warehouse. Zoom in again if necessary until you can read the text at the top-left corner of the shelving area and right-click. (The red columns represent shelving in the warehouse.) Your screen should look approximately like Figure 8-10. 7. Click again and move the pan box to the top-left corner of the drawing. Click to switch to zoom mode and move the cursor to the bottom-right corner of the drawing. AutoCAD simultaneously zooms out to display the entire warehouse. 8. Do not save your drawing. Close the Aerial View window. If you are continuing on to the next exercise, keep the drawing open. Webform upc a printingon .net
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8 Viewing Your Drawing
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Figure 8-9: Your screen after zooming in on the office
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Figure 8-10: Zooming in on the top-left corner of the warehouse. You can now see the text, which reads Battery Chargers.
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Named Views
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After you have done a lot of panning and zooming in a drawing, you may find that you return to the same part of your drawing again and again, especially if the drawing undergoes a lot of changes. In a large drawing, it can take some time to display
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the part of the drawing you want, especially if AutoCAD needs to regenerate the drawing. You can speed up the process by saving views. A view is simply a display of a drawing on your screen. It can show any part of your drawing at any magnification. Once you have the display, you give the view a name and save it. AutoCAD then lets you retrieve that view at any time, without zooming or panning.
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In a very large drawing, you can create views as soon as you create the title block for example, one for each quadrant of the drawing, and another for the title block lettering. This helps you move quickly from one section of the drawing to another. As you determine the need for more specific views, you can add them.
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