Panning in .NET

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To pan means to move the display without changing the magnification. The word refers to the expression of panning a camera across a scene or view. You pan to view a different part of your drawing. You can pan any amount and in any direction using the PAN command. You can pan vertically and horizontally using the scroll bars.
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Using the PAN command
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The PAN command moves the display in the direction and distance you indicate without changing the magnification in any way. Real-time panning moves the drawing as you move the cursor. Real-time panning makes panning quick, intuitive, and easy. To pan the drawing, choose Pan Realtime from the Standard toolbar. The cursor changes to a hand. Place the cursor anywhere in your drawing, click, and drag in the direction you want the objects to go. If you reach the end of the screen, release the mouse button, move the cursor away from the edge, and drag again. To leave pan mode, press Esc or Enter or start any command via a menu or toolbar. You can also right-click to open the cursor menu shown in Figure 8-1. Pan can be used transparently, while you are in the middle of another command.
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8 Viewing Your Drawing
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Figure 8-1: The pan cursor menu
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Use the cursor menu to exit pan mode, switch to real-time zoom or 3D Orbit, or to choose one of the zoom options listed.
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AutoCAD 2000 supports Microsoft IntelliMouse pointing devices for panning. To pan, click and hold down the wheel and move your mouse. You see the same panning cursor, the hand, as you do when you pan by first clicking the Pan Realtime button on the Standard toolbar. However, you don t need to press Esc or Enter to leave pan mode.
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You can use displacement panning (the kind used by Release 13 and earlier versions) by choosing View Pan Point. At the Displacement: prompt, choose any point in your drawing. At the Second point: prompt, choose another point where you want the first point to appear. The display then moves in the direction and the distance indicated by the difference between the first and second points.
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Using the scroll bars
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You can use the scroll bars to pan vertically and horizontally as you would with any Windows program. However, you can t easily predict just how much the drawing view will move. Therefore, the scroll bars are less useful than the PAN command. You can use the scroll bars in three ways: Drag the scroll box in the desired direction and in the desired amount. Click the scroll bar between the scroll box and the up or down arrow. Click the up or down arrow to move the drawing view slightly.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on panning and scrolling, ab8-a.dwg, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Panning and Scrolling
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1. Open ab8-a.dwg from the CD-ROM. This is the air compressor you drew in 7, but this display is magnified so you cannot see the entire drawing. The air compressor is shown in Figure 8-2.
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Part II Drawing in Two Dimensions
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2. Choose Pan Realtime from the Standard toolbar. Move the cursor to 1 in Figure 8-2, click, and drag to 2. The air compressor moves up and to the right. (Note that by the time you get to 2, the display of the air compressor has moved but you should drag to where 2 is on the screen.) Press Esc. 3. The scroll box of the horizontal scroll bar is all the way to the left. Click anywhere in the scroll bar to the right of the scroll box. The air compressor moves to the left. 4. Click anywhere in the vertical scroll bar between the scroll box and the down arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar. The air compressor moves up as you scroll down.
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