Drawing Limits in .NET

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Drawing Limits
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The last step of the Advanced Setup Wizard, shown in Figure 5-7, enables you to specify the area of your drawing, also called the limits. The drawing limits are the outer edges of the drawing, specified in X,Y units. You need to set only the width and length of the drawing. Together, these two measurements create an invisible bounding rectangle for your drawing.
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Figure 5-7: Setting the area of your drawing
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Part I AutoCAD Basics
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Almost universally, the lower-left limit is 0,0, which is the default. Therefore, the upper-right corner really defines the drawing size. The Setup Wizard assumes that you want to leave the lower-left corner at 0,0 and asks you only to specify the upper-right corner, using the Width and Length settings. Remember that you typically draw at life size (full scale) in AutoCAD. Therefore, the size of your drawing should be equal to the size of the outer extents of what you are drawing plus a margin for a title block and perhaps for annotation and dimensioning. If you want to show more than one view of an object, as is common in both architectural and mechanical drawings, you need to take this into account. To decide on the upper-right corner of your drawing limits (the width and length of your drawing), you need to consider what the drawing units mean for you. Generally, the smallest commonly used unit is used, often inches or millimeters. Therefore, if you are drawing a plan view of a house that is approximately 40-feet across (in the X direction) by 30-feet deep (in the Y direction), this translates to a top-right corner of 480,360. Adding room for a title block brings you to about 500,380.
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You can draw outside the drawing limits. However, the drawing limits setting affects the size of the grid if you turn it on. This can help you visualize the size of your drawing if you don t have a title block. The ZOOM command with the All option also uses the drawing limits to resize the display, although it displays the entire drawing if the drawing is outside the limits. Setting the limits makes ZOOM All more useful.
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Setting drawing limits
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To set the drawing limits, type a width and a length in the Area step of the wizard. AutoCAD shows the result in the picture to the right, as just shown in Figure 5-7. Then click Finish to start drawing. To set the drawing limits without the wizard, choose Format Drawing Limits to start the LIMITS command. Press Enter to accept the lower-left corner default of 0,0 that appears on the command line. Then type the upper-right corner coordinate that you want and press Enter.
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On the CD-ROM
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The drawing used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on setting the drawing limits, ab5-1.dwg, is in the Results folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Setting the Drawing Limits
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1. If you did the previous exercise, continue to use ab5-1.dwg. Otherwise, open ab5-1.dwg from the Results folder of the CD-ROM. 2. Save the drawing as ab5-2.dwg in your AutoCAD Bible folder. 3. Choose Format Drawing Limits.
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5 Setting Up a Drawing
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4. Press Enter to accept the lower-left default of 0,0. 5. Type 16,10 . 6. Start the LINE command. Follow the prompts:
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Specify Specify Specify Specify Specify first point: 0,0 next point or [Undo]: 16,0 next point or [Undo]: 16,10 next point or [Close/Undo]: 0,10 next point or [Close/Undo]: 0,0
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7. End the LINE command. 8. Choose View Zoom All. 9. Save your drawing. If you are continuing through the chapter, keep it open.
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Understanding scales
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You need to consider the fact that your drawing will most likely be plotted onto a standard paper (sheet) size. The standard orientation for drafting (and the default for most plotters) is landscape orientation, meaning that as you look at the drawing, the paper is wider than it is tall. Figure 5-8 shows an example. These conventions have carried over from the days of hand drafting. (In a computer program, this is not really necessary, as you can rotate the drawing when you plot it.) To scale a drawing onto a piece of paper in a pleasing manner requires a rectangular shape that somewhat resembles the proportions of standard paper sizes.
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