Part I AutoCAD Basics in .NET

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Part I AutoCAD Basics
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Figure 5-1: The first step of Advanced Setup determines the type of units you want to use in your drawing.
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Table 5-1 Unit Types
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Unit Type Decimal Engineering Architectural Fractional Scientific Sample Measurement 32.50 2' 8.50" 2' 8 1/2" 32 1/2 3.25E+01 Description Number of units, partial units in decimals Feet and inches, partial inches in decimals Feet and inches, partial inches in fractions Number of units, partial units in fractions Base number + exponent
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Notice how the engineering and architectural units translate a line of 32.5 units into feet and inches. Engineering and architectural units assume a unit of one inch, unlike the other unit types, which can represent any measurement. The unit type affects how coordinates are shown on the status bar and how AutoCAD lists information about objects. You generally input coordinates using the type of units you have chosen, although AutoCAD in some cases accepts coordinates in another unit type.
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As mentioned in 4, if you are using engineering or architectural units, AutoCAD displays partial inches differently than the format you must use to type them in. You must type coordinates without any spaces because AutoCAD interprets a space as equivalent to pressing the Enter key and ends your input. Use a
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5 Setting Up a Drawing
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hyphen between whole and partial inches, for example, 3'2-1/2". (You can omit the " after the inches because AutoCAD assumes inches in engineering and architectural units if no symbol follows a number.) However, this appears on the status line as 3'-2 1/2". This can be confusing because the hyphen is in a different place, and AutoCAD inserts a space between the whole and partial inches.
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Setting the drawing units
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To set the units, choose the type of units you want in the Units step of the Advanced Setup Wizard. Choose a precision in the Precision drop-down list box and then click Next. To set drawing units without the wizard, choose Format Units to open the Drawing Units dialog box, shown in Figure 5-2. The left side of the Drawing Units dialog box enables you to choose which unit type you want to use. In the Precision box in the Length section, click the arrow and a list of precision options drops down. Click the one you want. You can also set the units that AutoCAD uses when inserting the drawing into another drawing using the DesignCenter.
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Figure 5-2: The Drawing Units dialog box
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Look in 3 for a brief overview of the Drawing Units dialog box in the exercise on using a dialog box. See 18 for more on inserting drawings into other drawings using the DesignCenter. The DesignCenter is fully covered in 26. AutoCAD rounds off measurements to the nearest precision value you choose. Say that you choose a precision of two decimal places, using decimal units. You want to draw a line so that it is 3.25 units long, but when you type the coordinate, by accident you hit the 4 key at the end, resulting in a line 3.254 units long. AutoCAD shows this line as 3.25 units long, making it difficult for you to spot the error. Therefore, it is a good idea to set a higher precision than you need to show.
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Part I AutoCAD Basics
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Setting the angle type
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The second step of the Advanced Setup Wizard, shown in Figure 5-3, enables you to set the angle type.
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Figure 5-3: Setting the angle type
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As with units, your choice of angle type depends on your profession and work environment. Decimal Degrees is the default. Table 5-2 lists the types of angles.
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Table 5-2 Angle Types
Angle Type Name Decimal Degrees Deg/Min/Sec Grads Radians Surveyor Sample Measurement 32.5 32 30'0" 36.1111g 0.5672r N 57d30' E Description Degrees, partial degrees in decimals Degrees, minutes, and seconds Grads Radians Surveyor (directional) units