Specifying Coordinates in .NET

Create UPC Symbol in .NET Specifying Coordinates
4 Specifying Coordinates
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1 Figure 4-30: Using the From feature to complete the steam boiler
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10. Move the mouse in the 0-degree direction, find the Endpoint marker of the start point of the first segment of the line, and pick the point. End the LINE command. 11. Save your drawing. It should look like Figure 4-31.
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Figure 4-31: The completed steam boiler
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You have learned a great deal about specifying coordinates in this chapter. These skills form the basis for all your future work with AutoCAD. In AutoCAD, you can specify absolute and relative Cartesian and polar coordinates by typing them on the command line. You can display coordinates in three modes dynamic absolute, static absolute, and dynamic polar. Orthogonal mode restricts drawing and editing to the horizontal and vertical directions. Polar Tracking provides guides to let you draw at other specified angles. Direct Distance Entry lets you move the cursor in the direction you want to draw and type in only a distance. Grid snap restricts cursor movement to an invisible grid. You can set the spacing to whatever you wish. Turn on snap by clicking SNAP on the status bar. Polar snap snaps along polar tracking angles.
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Part I AutoCAD Basics
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Turn on Grid mode to display a visible grid. You can set the spacing of the grid to whatever you wish. Turn on Grid by clicking GRID on the status bar. Object snaps enable you to reference geometric points of existing objects. The AutoSnap feature visually confirms the geometric points. You can set running object snaps that continue until you turn them off. The OSNAP button on the status bar enables you to easily turn running object snaps on and off. Object Snap tracking enables you to find points based on one or more existing geometric points. Filters offer a similar capability, letting you build a coordinate from existing objects. The From feature creates an offset from an existing object. The next chapter introduces you to the basics of setting up a drawing.
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Setting Up a Drawing
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ften the first step after you start a new drawing is to set its size and unit type. These and other setup options are discussed in this chapter. Many of these settings can be saved in a template so that they are available to you whenever you start a new drawing. To create a customized template, open any drawing. Make changes as described in this chapter and save the drawing as a template by choosing Drawing Template File (*.dwt) from the Save as Type drop-down list box in the Save Drawing As dialog box. There are two wizards to help you set up a drawing. From AutoCAD Today, choose Wizards from the Select how to begin drop-down list. You can then choose Advanced Setup or Quick Setup. Because Advanced Setup includes the Quick Setup settings, I cover the Advanced Setup in this chapter. I also explain how to set up your drawing the old-fashioned way.
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Setting the unit type Setting drawing limits Presetting the drawing scale Inserting a title block Understanding AutoCAD system variables Using the MVSETUP command
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Unit Types
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When you choose Wizards from AutoCAD Today and then Advanced Setup, AutoCAD displays the dialog box shown in Figure 5-1. The first wizard step determines the unit type. The unit type can be saved in a template. As mentioned earlier in the book, the coordinates you use in AutoCAD are measured in units that can represent any realworld measurement, such as inches or millimeters. A surveyor or city planner might even use miles as the base unit. However, different disciplines customarily express units differently, and you should use the unit type appropriate for the type of drawing you are creating. AutoCAD offers five types of units, as shown in Table 5-1. The sample measurement column shows how a line 32.5 inches long would be displayed in the various unit types.
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