A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD in .NET

Build GS1 - 12 in .NET A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
Appendix A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
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Click Apply & Close to return to the User Preferences tab of the Options dialog box.
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The Drafting tab
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The Drafting tab, shown in Figure A-10, includes AutoSnap and AutoTrack settings. In the AutoSnap Settings section, you can disable the marker (the shape you see for each object snap), the magnet (that draws the cursor to the object snap), and the tooltip (that says which object snap you have found). By default, the aperture is not displayed with AutoSnap markers because the combination can be confusing. You can also choose a color for the AutoSnap marker. By default, the marker is yellow, which shows up nicely against the default black screen. If you change the screen to white, you probably want to change the marker to a darker color. You can also change the marker size, by dragging the control bar.
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Figure A-10: The Drafting tab
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In the AutoTrack Settings section, you control the visual elements for AutoTracking: Uncheck Display polar tracking vector to disable the vector that appears when you move the cursor along a polar angle. You still see the tooltip. Uncheck Display full-screen tracking vector to see only a localized vector when using object snap tracking the vector appears between the acquired points instead of crossing the entire screen. Uncheck Display AutoTrack tooltip to disable the tooltip that tells you which object snaps you have tracked.
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In the Alignment Point Acquisition section, you can require pressing down the Shift key to acquire points. You might do this if you find yourself acquiring points by accident, resulting in annoying tracking vectors. Finally, you can set the aperture size that AutoCAD uses when you pick an object snap. However, the aperture box is off by default. (You can turn it on in the AutoSnap Settings section, as just previously described.)
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The Selection tab
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The Selection tab contains settings that control how you select objects. This tab is shown in Figure A-11.
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Figure A-11: The Selection tab
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The options in the Selection Modes and Pickbox Size sections, which customize how AutoCAD selects objects, are discussed in detail in 9, under the heading, Customizing the selection process. The options in the Grips and Grip Size sections are covered in 10, under the heading, Customizing grips.
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The Profiles tab
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The Profiles tab, shown in Figure A-12, enables you to create user profiles. A profile is a group of settings as set in the Options dialog box. You might share your system with someone else, and each of you might want to store different settings. Or you might want different settings for different projects. You then name your profile and make it current when you open AutoCAD.
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Appendix A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
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Figure A-12: The Profiles tab with the default and one custom profile
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Whatever settings you create with the Options dialog box are automatically part of the default profile, which starts out with the exciting name of Unnamed Profile. Here s how you create a new profile: 1. Click Add to List to open the Add Profile dialog box. Type in a profile name and description and click Apply & Close. 2. On the Profiles tab, click the new profile and choose Set Current. 3. Go through the other tabs and make the changes you want. Be sure to click Apply on each tab. 4. Click OK to close the Options dialog box. To use the profile or another profile, choose Tools Options and click the Profiles tab. Choose the profile and click Set Current. Click OK to return to your drawing. You see the results immediately. Of course, some settings are not visible but make themselves evident in other ways such as AutoCAD classic keyboard shortcuts, startup without AutoCAD Today, and the creation of a log file.
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To start AutoCAD with a specific profile, you can specify a profile using a command line switch, as explained in the next section.
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Starting AutoCAD your way
When you choose the AutoCAD icon to open AutoCAD, Windows notwithstanding, you execute a statement similar to the one old-timers once typed at the DOS prompt. This is called a command-line statement. By default, it looks something like this: