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The User Preferences tab
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The User Preferences tab, shown in Figure A-7, offers a variety of preference settings. In the Windows Standard Behavior section, you can disable the Windows standard keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C for the COPYCLIP command. When this item is disabled, Ctrl+C, for example, would revert to earlier-release AutoCAD usage and be equivalent to pressing the Esc key. You can also disable the shortcut menus that appear when you right-click in the drawing or command areas. Then you can rightclick as an equivalent to pressing Enter. Choose Right-Click Customization to open the dialog box shown in Figure A-8.
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Figure A-7: The User Preferences tab
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In the Default Mode section, you can choose Repeat Last Command to return to the Release 14 functioning of the right mouse button. In the Edit Mode section, you can choose Repeat Last Command to disable the shortcut menus only when one or more objects are selected but no command is in progress. When you do this, rightclicking automatically repeats the most recent command. If you often select objects before choosing a command, this setting may be useful while not disabling the shortcut menus entirely. In the Command Mode section, you have three choices. Choose ENTER to disable the shortcut menus whenever a command is in progress. You then have to use the keyboard to choose command options. Choose Shortcut Menu: always enabled to always have the shortcut menu available. Choose Shortcut Menu: enabled when
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Appendix A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD
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command options are present as an in-between option the shortcut menu is available when the command has options, but when the command has no options, right-clicking is like pressing Enter.
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Figure A-8: The Right-Click Customization dialog box
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Click Apply & Close to close the Right-Click Customization dialog box and return to the User Preferences tab of the Options dialog box. In the AutoCAD DesignCenter section of the User Preferences tab, you can specify default units for inserted objects (source contents units) and drawings (target drawing units) when dragging objects into a drawing from the AutoCAD DesignCenter. AutoCAD uses the default units when you don t use the INSUNITS system variable (saved in your drawing) to specify the type of units you want to use. AutoCAD uses the units to automatically scale an object relative to the drawing s units. You can choose anything from inches to parsecs! In the Hyperlink section you can disable the hyperlink cursor (that appears when you pass the cursor over a hyperlink) and the hyperlink shortcut menu as well as the hyperlink tooltip that appears when you pass the cursor over a hyperlink. In the Priority for Coordinate Data Entry section, you specify which gets priority running object snaps or keyboard entry. By default, keyboard entry gets priority except in scripts so you can use running object snaps when picking points on the screen but override them when you want to type in coordinates. In the Object Sorting Methods section, you determine when AutoCAD sorts objects from first created to last created. By default, only Plotting and PostScript output are sorted. As a result, objects are plotted from first to last created. If you check Object selection, for example, AutoCAD sorts objects during the selection process from first to last created so that if you click two overlapping objects, AutoCAD always selects the newest object.
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In the Associative Dimensioning section, choose whether or not you want new dimensions to be associative, automatically adjusting as their associated objects change size. Click Lineweight Settings to open the dialog box shown in Figure A-9.
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Figure A-9: The Lineweight Settings dialog box
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Use the Lineweight Settings dialog box to set preferences for lineweights. For more information on lineweights, see 11. In the Lineweights list, you can set the current lineweight. AutoCAD comes with three standard lineweight styles: ByLayer, ByBlock, and Default. You can use the LWDEFAULT system variable to set the Default value, which AutoCAD originally sets as 0.01 inches or 0.25 mm. All new layers have a default setting of Default. You can also set a specific width. In the Units for Listing section, choose Millimeters or Inches. The default is millimeters, probably because pen widths for pen plotters are traditionally defined in millimeters. Checking Display Lineweight is equivalent to clicking the LWT button on the status bar AutoCAD displays the given lineweights of objects. If you have many objects with wide lineweights, display and regeneration time will be slower. In the Default drop-down list, you can change the default lineweight that AutoCAD automatically uses for new layers. With the Adjust Display Scale bar you can control how lineweights are displayed on the Model tab. (Lineweights on a paper space layout are displayed in real-world units.) On the Model tab, lineweights are displayed in pixels using a proportion of pixel width to real-world unit value. Depending on the resolution of your monitor, you may wish to adjust the display scale to be able to better see different lineweights.
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You can see the results of any display scale change immediately in the Lineweights list on the left of the dialog box. Scroll down to the bottom to see the difference for wider lineweights.
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