Getting User Input in .NET

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Getting User Input
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The examples used in this chapter were not very useful, partly because the routines provided no way to get user input for the properties of the objects they drew. There are two main ways to get user input on the command line and via a dialog box. In this section, I explain how to get user input on the command line. In order to use the user-input methods, you need to first use something called the Utility object. The Utility object belongs to the Document object and controls the methods that get user input. You can also use ThisDrawing, as in the following example.
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Dim iReturn as Integer iReturn = ThisDrawing.Utility.GetInteger( Enter an integer: )
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37 Programming with Visual Basic for Applications
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Here you set a variable called iReturn equal to the integer that the user types on the command line. The prompt is Enter an integer:. You can use this type of user input to get a pick point, a numeric value (such as the radius of a circle), a text string, or an object. Use this method when the input is short and sweet. To avoid several prompts appearing on the same line, use vbCrLf, the carriage return/linefeed constant, at the beginning of a prompt, as in the following example:
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prompt1 = vbCrLf & Specify center point:
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Here s an example that illustrates how to get user input on the command line:
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Sub AddCircle() Dim thePt As Variant Dim theRadius As Double Dim myCircle As AcadCircle thePt = ThisDrawing.Utility.GetPoint(, vbCrLf & Enter Center Point: ) theRadius = ThisDrawing.Utility.GetReal( Enter radius: ) Set myCircle = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace.AddCircle(thePt, theRadius) End Sub
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Table 37-3 lists some commonly used methods for getting user input. If you know the GET functions in AutoLISP, you ll be familiar with these methods.
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Table 37-3 Common User Input Methods
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Method GetEntity Syntax object.GetEntity Object, PickedPoint, Prompt Description The user selects an object (entity) by picking it. Returns the object in the first parameter and the point picked in the second parameter. The prompt is optional. Example: ThisDrawing. utility.GetEntity getObj, basePnt, Select an object where getObj has been declared as an Object type variable. Any integer from -32,768 to +32,767 is valid. The prompt is optional. Example: getInt = ThisDrawing.utility.GetInteger( Enter an integer: )
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RetVal = GetInteger (Prompt)
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Part VII Programming AutoCAD
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Table 37-3 (continued)
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Method GetPoint Syntax RetVal = GetPoint (Point, Prompt) Description Returns a variant (which contains a three-element array of doubles). The user can pick a point or type in a coordinate. If the Point parameter (optional) is provided, AutoCAD draws a rubberband line from Point to the current crosshair position. The prompt is also optional. Example: getPnt = ThisDrawing. utility.GetPoint(, Specify a point: ) Gets any real (positive or negative) number. The prompt is optional. Example: getaReal = ThisDrawing.utility.GetReal( Enter a real number: ) The HasSpaces parameter specifies whether the string can contain spaces. If the HasSpaces parameter is TRUE, the string can contain blanks and the user must press Enter to end input. If HasSpaces is FALSE, entering either a blank or Enter ends input. The prompt is optional. Example: getaString = ThisDrawing.utility. GetString(False, Enter text (a space or <enter> terminates input): )
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RetVal = GetReal (Prompt) RetVal = GetString (HasSpaces, Prompt)
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Step-by-Step: Creating a VBA Routine That Gets User Input
1. Open a new AutoCAD drawing using the Start from Scratch option. 2. To start a new project, choose Tools Macro VBA Manager. Click New. Then click Visual Basic Editor. 3. Choose Insert Module, and then choose Insert Procedure. Name it HappyFace and click OK. 4. At the cursor, type the following:
Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim Dim prompt As String, prompt2 As String cen As Variant rad As Double cir As AcadCircle arc As AcadArc pi As Double dStart As Double start angle dEnd As Double end angle pi = 3.1415 prompt = vbCrLf & Specify center point: prompt2 = vbCrLf & Specify radius: get center point from user cen = ThisDrawing.Utility.GetPoint(, prompt)