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On the CD-ROM
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The file used in the following Step-by-Step exercise on working with break points, ab36-a.lsp, is in the Drawings folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM.
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Step-by-Step: Working with Break Points
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1. Open AutoCAD and start a drawing using the Start from Scratch option. 2. Start the Visual LISP Editor. Open ab36-a.lsp from the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM. Choose File Save As and save it as ab36-1.lsp in the \AutoCAD 2002\Support folder or in another folder you have added to the support file search path. 3. Choose Load Active Edit Window from the Tools toolbar. 4. Read through the code. This routine creates a vertical list of numbers. The new FOREACH function steps through each item in a list. The comments explain why it contains a bug. 5. If you didn t do the previous exercise, choose Debug Break on Error. (Don t do anything if the Break on Error item is already checked.) 6. Type the following in the Console window:
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(list-beautify-with-bug (1 2 3 4 5 ))
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The Console returns the following:
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(1 ; error: bad argument type: FILE 1
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7. Choose Last Break on the Debug toolbar to jump to the error in the source code. 8. To place a break point in the code, place the cursor after (princ (chr 40)). Press F9. Visual LISP marks the break with a red box. 9. Place another break point after (princ (car aList)). Finally, place a third break point after the closing parenthesis on the line that follows (princ item 1). Your code should look like Figure 36-3.
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36 Exploring Advanced AutoLISP Topics
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Figure 36-3: Your code after placing three break points
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10. After the code produces an error, you need to reset. Click Reset on the Debug toolbar. 11. Click the Visual LISP Editor window and reload the function into Visual LISP. (Choose Load Active Edit Window on the Tools toolbar.) 12. Type the same expression that produced the error in the Console:
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(list-beautify-with-bug (1 2 3 4 5 ))
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Visual LISP highlights the expression (princ (chr 40)). Choose Step Into on the Debug toolbar. Visual LISP highlights (princ (car aList)).
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14. Choose Step Into. Now only (car aList)) is highlighted. 15. Choose Step Into until you reach the error, (princ item 1). 16. Edit (princ item 1) so that it reads (princ item). 17. Click Reset again. 18. Choose Debug Clear All Breakpoints. Click Yes to confirm. 19. Activate the Editor window and reload the function. 20. In the Console, type (beautify-with-bug (1 2 3 4 5 )) . 21. Activate the Editor window and save the file.
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Part VII Programming AutoCAD
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On the CD-ROM
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If you have difficulty in fixing this bug, you can find the repaired version in the Results folder of the AutoCAD 2002 Bible CD-ROM with the file name list-beautifywithout-bug.lsp.
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Using the Watch window
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The Watch window enables you to examine expressions and variable values as they are being evaluated. To watch a variable, select it in the code and choose Debug Add Watch or press Ctrl+W. Visual LISP opens the Watch window listing the expression or variable and displaying its value after an equal sign. If you select an expression or nothing is selected and press Ctrl+W, the Add Watch dialog box opens. If not already displayed, enter the expression to watch and click OK. For example, if you add a watch for (princ (chr 40)), the Watch window displays (PRINC (CHR 40)) = ( because (princ (chr 40)) is another way of telling AutoLISP to print a left parenthesis. Once the Watch window is open you can add expressions or variables by selecting them and choosing Add Watch on the Watch window toolbar. If you have a routine with arguments, you can execute the function with various arguments and see the results on your watched expressions and variables in the Watch window. Furthermore, you can add any expression to the Watch window and alter the contents of any variable while debugging a function.
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