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3 Using Commands
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4. Click the Window menu and choose your original drawing. 5. Choose Circle from the Draw toolbar. The following prompt appears:
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Command: Specify center point for circle or [3P/2P/Ttr (tan tan radius)]: Pick any point at the center of your screen. Specify radius of circle or [Diameter]:
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6. At this point, say that you want to see the drawing closer up to properly decide where to place the radius of the circle. Type 'zoom . The following appears on the command line. (You may need to press F2 to see the entire prompt.) Follow the prompts.
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>>Specify corner of window, enter a scale factor (nX or nXP), or [All/Center/Dynamic/Extents/Previous/Scale/Window] <real time>: 2x Resuming CIRCLE command. Specify radius of circle or [Diameter]:
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7. Now suppose that you want the radius to be equal to the height of the rectangle in your other drawing. Choose Window ab1-1.dwg. 8. Choose Tools Inquiry List. At the Select objects: prompt, pick one of the vertical lines of the rectangle. Press Enter at the second Select objects: prompt. AutoCAD opens the Text Window and displays some information about the line you selected. One piece of information is the length, which is 7 units. 9. Click the Window menu and choose your other drawing. 10. Type 7 AutoCAD to create the circle. If necessary, choose View Zoom Out to see the entire drawing. 11. Close ab1-1.dwg. Do not save the other drawing. Looking at the prompts for the transparent use of the ZOOM command carefully, note three features: The ZOOM command is preceded by an apostrophe. This is the sign of a transparent command. The prompt for the transparent command is preceded by >>. This helps you distinguish between the prompts of the original command and the transparent command that is embedded in it. When the transparent command is complete, AutoCAD tells you. In this case, you see Resuming CIRCLE command. Experiment using transparent commands and you will soon find them indispensable.
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Of Mice and Pucks
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For the sake of simplicity, this book assumes that you are using a mouse, but many people use a digitizing tablet and a puck (or a stylus). A typical digitizing tablet and puck are shown in Figure 3-8. A puck often has more buttons than a mouse and also has crosshairs on a transparent area that you can use for accurately picking points from a paper drawing.
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Figure 3-8: A digitizer and puck
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3 Using Commands
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The digitizing tablet is generally configured to include an area that represents the screen you draw on as well as a customizable command area that you use for AutoCAD commands. This command area of the tablet functions as another menu. Figure 3-9 shows the default tablet provided with AutoCAD. This is generally customized to suit individual needs. Each square is equivalent to a toolbar button and executes a command when you click it. The top area is left blank for you to include your own commands. This area is often used to insert parts from a library of standardized parts. Examples would be gaskets and valves in a mechanical drawing environment or doors and windows in an architectural environment.
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Figure 3-9: The standard tablet menu
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See Appendix A for instructions on configuring a tablet.
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The square area in the right center represents the drawing area. In this area, the puck functions like a mouse to draw, as well as to access menus and dialog box options. The tablet can also be used for a process called digitizing, which means transferring data from paper to AutoCAD. This is often done by putting a paper document directly on the tablet and using the entire tablet as a drawing area. Because the puck has crosshairs on a transparent surface, you can pick points on the drawing, which then become endpoints of lines, for example.
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