Customizing Menus in .NET

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33 Customizing Menus
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11. Draw a line and a circle. Start the LINE command. At the Specify first point: prompt, press Ctrl+E. Pick either endpoint of the line. At the Specify next point or [Undo]: prompt, point to the circle and verify that you can t find its Center object snap. 12. Press Ctrl+3 (on the keyboard). Now pick the circle s Center object snap and end the LINE command. 13. Start the BOX command and create a box of any dimensions. From the View flyout on the Standard toolbar, choose SE Isometric View. Press F12. AutoCAD uses the HIDE command to hide the view. 14. Choose Tools Customize Menus to unload the AB4 menu group. Don t save your drawing.
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In this chapter, you learned how to customize the menu to suit your situation and speed up your everyday work. Menu customization is very powerful. When you start customizing your menus, you will suddenly find yourself thinking of new ways to use this option. The result will be a major improvement in the way AutoCAD serves your needs. This chapter ends Part VI, Customizing AutoCAD. Part VII challenges you to go further in your customization of AutoCAD by starting to program with AutoLISP and Visual Basic for Applications.
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Programming AutoCAD
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In This Part
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34 Understanding AutoLISP and Visual LISP Basics 35 Exploring AutoLISP Further 36 Exploring Advanced AutoLISP Topics 37 Programming with Visual Basic for Applications
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art VII invites you to go the distance and start programming AutoCAD with AutoLISP, Visual LISP, and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). AutoLISP is a powerful programming language that lets you quickly create your own commands and routines tailored to your needs. Visual LISP adds an easy-to-use interface to AutoLISP programming. VBA is a programming language that is supported by many Windows applications. You can create programs and dialog boxes for AutoCAD with VBA. Using ActiveX, which lets you access other Windows applications, you can write programs that integrate AutoCAD with other applications.
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Understanding AutoLISP and Visual LISP Basics
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utoLISP is a programming language that can substantially enhance your productivity by automating oftenused or repetitive tasks. AutoLISP provides a glimpse into the inner workings of AutoCAD and can serve as an excellent stepping stone to learning more advanced automation methods such as ObjectARX and VBA. An AutoLISP routine gives you complete control of its interaction with the user and what it does once it is loaded. AutoLISP expressions can be typed at the command line in response to prompts, or can be saved to a file to be loaded and used when needed. AutoLISP offers wide and varied possibilities for shortcuts best of all, AutoLISP can be customized to any level of complexity. AutoLISP intimidates many AutoCAD users, but this fear is unwarranted. The many benefits of AutoLISP well justify the initial time you invest to learn this rich and full-featured programming language. The number of AutoLISP routines available to the user is tremendous. Every office with more than a trivial number of AutoCAD workstations has probably created at least one AutoLISP routine to expedite some common task.
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Understanding AutoLISP programming and the Visual LISP environment Working with the Visual LISP interface Getting help in Visual LISP Creating your own AutoLISP expressions Using AutoLISP on the command line
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Part VII Programming AutoCAD
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Many of the commands you already use in AutoCAD are in AutoLISP routines, including 3DARRAY, MVSETUP, AI_BOX, and others. Users of AutoLISP often get examples of how to handle complex problems by reviewing these applications. LISP stands for LISt Processing, and as you will see in the next chapter, the understanding of lists is crucial to using AutoLISP. Most AutoLISP routines define a command name, which you then type at the command line to run the routine. Some routines include a dialog box to help you choose options and specifications. Crystal data matrix generatingon
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