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If you made a mistake and some of the items don t work properly, re-edit and save ab2.mnu. Then choose Tools Customize Menus, unload AB2, reload it, and insert it again.
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Replacing your partial menus
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When you are customizing a partial menu, the process of unloading, loading, and inserting a partial menu can get pretty tedious. Here s a routine that you can put on your partial menu. You can t use it the first time (because the partial menu isn t on your menu bar yet), but after that you can use it to quickly replace your old partial menu with the new one. This routine turns off the FILEDIA system variable so you can load and unload the partial menu on the command line, and then it unloads and loads the menu. It then uses a simple AutoLISP expression to place the menu where you want it. ID_MenuLoad [&Reload ab2 menu]_filedia 0 + _menuunload ab2 menuload ab2.mnu (menucmd + P10=+ab2.pop1 ) _filedia 1 The first part is the name tag, which can be anything you want. The second part is the label that you see on the menu. It can also be anything you want. Then comes the menu macro. Here I have used the menu group name ab2 and the menu file name ab2.mnu. Replace these with your menu group and menu file names. The AutoLISP expression syntax is (menucmd Pn=+menugroup.section ) where n is the number of the POP menu to the right of where you want to insert your partial menu (P10 is usually the Help menu), menugroup is the menugroup name, and section is the section name (usually POP1 if your partial menu has one pull-down menu). If your partial menu has more than one pull-down menu, you must place each POP section using the same syntax.
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33 Customizing Menus
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Shortcut menus
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You access a shortcut menu by using the buttons on your mouse or puck. The shortcut menus are therefore accessed from the Buttons menu by swapping, as described earlier in this chapter. Here you see the POP0 menu, which is the menu that appears when you press Shift and right-click.
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***POP0 **SNAP ID_Tracking ID_From ID_MnPointFi ID_PointFilx ID_PointFily ID_PointFilz ID_PointFixy ID_PointFixz ID_PointFiyz ID_OsnapEndp ID_OsnapMidp ID_OsnapInte ID_OsnapAppa ID_OsnapExte ID_OsnapCent ID_OsnapQuad ID_OsnapTang ID_OsnapPerp ID_OsnapPara ID_OsnapNode ID_OsnapInse ID_OsnapNear ID_OsnapNone ID_Osnap [&Object Snap Cursor Menu] [Temporary trac&k point]_tt [&From]_from [->Poin&t Filters] [.X].X [.Y].Y [.Z].Z [ ] [.XY].XY [.XZ].XZ [<-.YZ].YZ [ ] [&Endpoint]_endp [&Midpoint]_mid [&Intersection]_int [&Apparent Intersect]_appint [E&xtension]_ext [ ] [&Center]_cen [&Quadrant]_qua [Tan&gent]_tan [ ] [&Perpendicular]_per [Para&llel]_par [No&de]_nod [In&sert]_ins [Nea&rest]_nea [&None]_non [ ] [&Osnap Settings...] _+dsettings 2
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Note that, unlike a regular pull-down menu, the title in this case, Snap doesn t appear at the top of a shortcut menu. However, a title is required anyway.
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You can customize shortcut menus that are specific to a command or to a selected object. For example, if you right-click when a polyline is selected, the shortcut menu includes a Polyline Edit item. However, if you right-click when a spline is selected, the shortcut menu includes a Spline Edit item instead. Shortcut menus can also be called context menus because they are context-sensitive. You can create your own context menus.
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Part VI Customizing AutoCAD
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To create a shortcut menu, you use sections ***POP500 through ***POP999. Sections ***POP500 through ***POP511 define the existing context-sensitive shortcut menus in acad.mns.
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Although the examples shown here use both the initial underline to allow for translation and the ampersand to allow for keyboard entry, you don t need to use these if you don t want to. When was the last time you used the keyboard to choose a menu item on a shortcut menu
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You can create two kinds of context-sensitive menus object menus and command menus. The context-sensitive menus work only for full menus.
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