Working with Customizable Files in .NET

Print UPC-A in .NET Working with Customizable Files
Working with Customizable Files
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The capability to customize AutoCAD is based on the fact that most of AutoCAD s support files are text files that you can edit yourself. Table 29-1 lists the most important files and their functions. Some customization can be done using dialog boxes. Figure 29-1 shows a portion of one of these files, acad.pgp, which lists command shortcuts, or aliases.
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Figure 29-1: Acad.pgp, one of AutoCAD s customizable files
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Part VI Customizing AutoCAD
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Table 29-1 Customizable Files
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File Name *.cus acad.pgp acad.mnu acad.mnl Function Custom dictionary files. You can add words to a custom dictionary for use with the SPELL command. AutoCAD s program parameters file. This file is generally used to create keyboard shortcuts (called aliases) for commands. AutoCAD s template menu file. You can also create your own menu template files. AutoLISP routines used by AutoCAD s main menu. If you create your own menus, you can have an .mnl file with the same name as your menu for AutoLISP routines. AutoCAD s menu source file generated from the template .mnu file. You can also create your own menu source files from custom template files. AutoCAD configuration file for storing digitizer and plotter selections. Usually, you should use the Options dialog box to make these selections rather than manually editing this file. See Appendix A for more information about this file. AutoCAD s Dialog Control Language (DCL) file. This file describes the AutoCAD standard dialog boxes. You usually don t edit this file, but you can create your own DCL files to create dialog boxes for your AutoLISP routines. AutoCAD s linetype definition file. You can also create your own linetype definition (*.lin) files or add your own definitions to acad.lin. AutoCAD s AutoLISP file. You can create this file from scratch. If it exists, you can edit or add to this file to automatically load AutoLISP routines. Other customizable .lsp files are discussed in 35. AutoCAD s multiline library file. AutoCAD s hatch pattern file. You can also create your own. AutoCAD s plot configuration file. You can also create your own. A PC3 file contains all configuration settings for a plotter. This is not a text file; you customize it using a dialog box. For more information, see 17 and Appendix A. You can use these files with the Batch Plotting Utility. AutoCAD font mapping file. Use this file to specify substitute fonts, whether or not the original fonts are available on your system. The AutoCAD PostScript support file. It is used for the PSOUT and PSFILL commands. The AutoCAD slide library file, used for hatch pattern examples in menus. You can use this file or create your own slide libraries. This is not a text file; see 30 for an explanation of how to create a slide library.
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acad.mns Acad2002.cfg
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acad.lin acad.lsp
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acad.mln acad.pat acad.pc3
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acad.fmp acad.psf acad.slb
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29 Customizing Commands and Toolbars
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File Name *.scr *.shp
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Function A script file that you create and name. Script files are macros of commands and options that run automatically. A shape file that you create and name. Shape files usually hold fonts but can hold other shapes as well. A shape file is then compiled into a file with a .shx extension for more efficient use. A list of ARX (an interface for programming AutoCAD ) applications that load automatically. Font mapping for the appearance of text in the MTEXT editor. A file that defines every conceivable type of unit.
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acad.rx mtextmap.ini acad.unt
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Editing customizable files
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In order to customize AutoCAD, you usually have to edit the appropriate customizable file. These files are in text-only (ASCII) format. To edit them, you need a text editor, which is like a word processor but does not place any codes in the file. For most files, you can use Notepad, which comes with Windows. However, the menu files are too long for Notepad to handle. Instead, you can use WordPad, which also comes with Windows. When you use WordPad, be careful to use the Save as Type drop-down box in the Save As dialog box to save the document as a Text Document. All major word processors let you save documents as Text Documents just remember not to click that Save button until you have specified the right file format.
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