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The new eTransmit feature (introduced in AutoCAD 2000i and updated in 2002) is essentially the same as Pack and Go in Microsoft Office, packing together all associated files with your drawing so you can e-mail it to colleagues, clients, customers, and so on.
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To start a transmission, click the eTransmit button on the Standard toolbar. AutoCAD opens the Create Transmittal dialog box, shown in Figure 28-1 with the General tab on top. In the Notes section, write a note to the recipient. The content of the Notes section becomes part of the transmittal report, a separate file included in the EXE or ZIP file. If you send an e-mail message, the note becomes the body of the message. In the Type section, use the drop-down list to choose one of the following types of transmittals: Folder (set of files): Creates a folder that includes all the files in the transmittal. The files are not compressed.
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Figure 28-1: The Create Transmittal dialog box enables you to create a transmittal file that you can attach to an e-mail message. The transmittal file contains a drawing along with all its associated files.
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Self-extracting executable (*.exe): Creates a compressed EXE file. Recipients can double-click the file to decompress and extract the files. (Some people won t open .exe files for fear of computer viruses so you might need to notify your recipient in advance that you are sending the .exe file.) Zip (*.zip): Creates a compressed ZIP file. Recipients need WinZip, PKZIP, or a similar decompression application. For added security, click Password to specify a password that will be required to open the drawing. Be sure to tell your recipient the password. By default, AutoCAD creates the transmittal file in the same location as the open drawing. You can use the Location section to specify a different location by clicking Browse.
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Because you don t need the transmittal file after you have sent it (you already have all the files), you can put it in the Windows\Temp file or another location where you place files that you will delete.
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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At the bottom of the dialog box are several checkboxes: Check Convert Drawing To if you want to convert the drawing to AutoCAD 2000 or Release 14 before sending. Choose the version from the drop-down list. Check Preserve Directory Structure to keep the same structure of directories (folders) during decompression. For example, the transmittal file includes font files, which normally do not go in the same folder as a drawing. Preserving Directory Structure makes it easier to install the font and other files in their proper locations. You ll probably need to explain this to your recipients. Remove Paths from Xrefs and Images removes references to folder locations of xrefs and images. If you have xrefs or images and don t check this box, when your recipients open the drawing, the drawing will search for the xrefs or images in a folder that most likely won t exist. Send E-mail with Transmittal opens your e-mail program and creates a new message with the files as attachments and the notes as the body of the message. Using this feature makes sending your drawings extremely easy. Make Web Page Files creates a Web page with a link to the transmittal files. You can post this Web page on an intranet or tell recipients the Web page URL so they can download the files from the Web page. To see the Web page this creates, go to my Web site at Click the Files tab to see the files that AutoCAD is planning on including in your transmittal. The normal files are acad.fmp (the font map that specifies font substitutions), SHX files (usually compiled fonts), and any xrefs or raster images attached to the drawing. AutoCAD 2002 updated eTransmit to include standards files (see 26). However, eTransmit does not include files referred to by hyperlinks. Therefore, if you want hyperlinks to work, you need to add the referenced files. To add files, click Add File, navigate to the desired file, select it, and click Open. You can view the files as a list or in a branching tree format by clicking either the List View or Tree View button. You can exclude fonts by unchecking the Include Fonts checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box. If your drawing only uses fonts included in a normal installation of AutoCAD, you can probably assume that your recipients have them. TrueType fonts are not included because they are proprietary. To see the Transmittal Report, click the Report tab. The report includes your Notes (from the General tab) and instructions to the recipient for using the associated files. For example, there are instructions for where to place SHX files and xrefs. Choose Save As to create an additional copy of the report for your own records.
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