Handling Errors and Crashes in .NET

Encoding upc barcodes in .NET Handling Errors and Crashes
Handling Errors and Crashes
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Although AutoCAD 2002 is stable, and the latest versions of Windows and especially Windows NT are more stable than previous versions, nothing can eliminate the occasional crash.
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Taking care of temporary files
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When AutoCAD is loaded it opens one or more temporary files as part of its normal functioning. Note the following two points regarding these files: You need to leave room on your hard drive for these files 50MB is a good starting point. Never erase current temporary files if you are on a network because someone else might be using them.
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Never erase temporary files (they have an extension of .ac$) while AutoCAD is open. Normally, they are erased when you close a drawing. Others are erased when you close AutoCAD.
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However, if AutoCAD or your entire computer crashes, you will probably be left with one or more .ac$ files. A good guideline for erasing .ac$ files is to only erase those from yesterday or earlier. Leave today s alone.
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If you don t see the date and time of the files in Explorer, choose View Details.
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You can also specify where AutoCAD places these temporary files. You might want to place them on a hard drive with more room. If you are on a network, you might want to place them on your local drive so there is less traffic back and forth on the network. If you don t specify the temporary file location, AutoCAD places temporary files in the Windows temporary folder (probably c:\windows\temp). Here s how to change the location: 1. In AutoCAD, choose Tools Options. The Files tab should be displayed. 2. Click the plus sign next to Temporary Drawing File Location to open the current location, as shown in Figure 26-13.
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26 Keeping Control of Your Drawings
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3. Click the current location and click Browse. 4. In the Browse for Folder list, find and choose the desired folder and click OK. 5. Click OK to close the Options dialog box.
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Figure 26-13: The Files tab of the Options dialog box
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Repairing corrupted drawing files
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The most common cause for a corrupted drawing file is an AutoCAD crash, but power surges and system crashes can also be causes. If AutoCAD detects an error in a file during loading, it attempts to fix the problem automatically. In many cases, it is successful. When it is not, you can try AutoCAD s AUDIT or RECOVER commands. These commands search the database for errors and try to fix them. If they cannot fix an error, they simply move on, letting you recover at least part of the file. If you have a drawing open and get an error message that AutoCAD can t read the file or part of it, follow these steps: 1. Choose File Drawing Utilities Audit. 2. At the Fix any errors detected [Yes/No] <N>: prompt, type y to tell AutoCAD to fix any errors it finds. 3. Watch the screen as it displays messages for errors.
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Part V Organizing and Managing Drawings
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Use RECOVER when you can t even load the drawing. Follow these steps: 1. Open a new drawing. 2. Choose File Drawing Utilities Recover. 3. In the Select File dialog box, choose the corrupted drawing file and click Open. AutoCAD begins recovery and displays the results in the text window. Here are some other tips for opening a recalcitrant drawing: Open a new drawing and choose Insert Block. Click Browse and insert the problem drawing as a block. (See 18 for more information on blocks.) Then use the AUDIT command. Open a new drawing and choose Insert External Reference. Locate and attach the problem drawing as an external reference. (See 19 for more information on external references.) Then use the AUDIT command. If the drawing crashes just when it looks as if AutoCAD is about done loading it, try again; but this time, press Esc repeatedly until the loading is complete. This procedure aborts the regeneration of the drawing, which may be causing the crash due to corrupt objects. Then use the AUDIT command. If you can open the drawing but objects are not displayed, try the following: File Save As and save it as a new drawing. Use the WBLOCK command to save the drawing as a new file. Save the drawing as a DXF file. (See 27 for more on the DXF file format.) Use File Save As or save as a DXF format, but to an earlier version of AutoCAD. If all else fails, try a professional drawing recovery service, such as IntelCAD at http://www.intelcad.com.
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